Does Your Cat Eat Grass?

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Cats love grass but there is no nutritional value in it.

Does Your Cat Eat Grass?

No one really knows why cats eat grass but they seem to love doing it. One thing we know for sure is that eating grass comes naturally to cats. It will cause them to vomit and get rid of foreign matter in their stomach that is not good for them.

Cats do not get any nutritional value out of eating grass. Grass is fiber and a cat’s stomach does not have the enzyme needed to digest the grass. Grass can help a cat’s digestive process by inducing vomiting of undigested matter. If a cat eats a mouse they cannot separate the fur and bones from the meat. When a cat causes a mouse they will eat the whole thing. The meat will be digested and the bones and fur will remain in the cat’s stomach. When a cat eats grass they will vomit and this will bring up the mouse bones and fur and this is good.

Grass and Grooming

Indoor cats will not have the chance to digest live prey. They still will nibble on grass if it is provided. It is a good idea to have grass available for indoor cats. Cats groom themselves and their tongues are equipped with little hooks which scoop up loose hair. The disadvantage of this is that cats end up swallowing a considerable amount of the hair off their coat. Hair is not digestible and it can build up in a cat’s stomach and create a hairball. Eating grass may help them vomit and get rid of the hairball. This will prevent a blockage in the intestines which is painful and traumatic for you and your cat. A hairball blockage often needs surgery.

Does Grass Have Any Benefits for Cats?

Grass is mainly an indigestible fiber lacking almost everything the cat needs in its diet. Grass does have a lot of moisture, some trace minerals, vitamins A and D and chlorophyll. Before antibiotics were discovered chlorophyll was a remedy for pain, infection, ulcers, skin diseases and anemia. Cats like most other animals are very skilled at controlling their needs for particular nutrients and finding healthy diet supplements, some of which can come from grass. Cats may love to eat grass because they like the taste.

Some Cats Vomit When They Eat Grass

Some cat owners will not let their indoor cats eat grass because they do not like it when the cat vomits in the house. It is actually advisable that cats have grass available. Many florists and pet stores now offer grass in posts that you can grow indoors for your cat.

Outdoor cats like the lush lawn for their supply of grass. Make sure the grass does not have weed killers or other pesticides on it that will harm your cat.

There is no Known Reason Why Cats Love Grass

There is no real reason why cats love to eat grass. If your cat cannot find grass to eat she may try your house plants instead and this could be bad because some houseplants are poisonous to a cat. If your cat starts binging on the grass followed by frequent vomiting take her to the veterinarian immediately as there could be a serious problem.

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26th Jul 2012 (#)

Great information for cat owners. I have six myself and since we live in the country they do go outside, where they eat grass only if they have a hairball which is rare since they are on good quality food.

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author avatar norlaw1935
26th Jul 2012 (#)

Thanks for your comments. Cat are great.

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