Does it really cost that much to raise a puppy through adulthood?

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Do you want a dog and think dogs are cheap to raise? Is it cheap or do you have to pay for other things than food and water?

Is it expensive to raise a dog?

There are some people who look in the newspaper classified for a dog or puppy that someone is offering free or at a good price. Some people think all they have to pay is for the food, and the water is included in your water bill so that puppy or dog won't be that expensive to keep, right? I will explain all the costs you have to pay for the raising of the puppy and then doG.

Puppy and her first veterinarian visit

First thing is if the dog doesn't have all his vaccine shots, you handle taking the puppy to the veterinarian to get those shots. The veterinarian will give your puppy his or her first physical before they give your puppy his or her vaccines. Physicals and vaccines can cost over 100 dollars. Then there is the yearly rabies vaccine that some veterinarian will insist on a physical or won't give the vaccine every year. That means over 100 dollars a year just on that. What if your dog gets sick and needs to be taken to the vet, there is a who knows how expensive. It depends on how sick your dog is. I know a girl who had to get a second job to pay four-thousand dollars to get gallstones taken out of her dog.

Dogs and chronic diseases

Then there are some dogs who have a chronic disease that they need medicine.I know a couple who have a dog with diabetes. They have to give their dog insulin shots at certain times of day. Another person I know has to get her dog blood tests before she gets her dog her epilepsy medicine.

Puppy and chew toys

If you get your canine as a puppy, you will need to buy your puppy rawhide toys because when a puppy starts to teethe it hurts their gums. It feels better for them. You get your baby something to rub on their gums when they teethe why not get your puppy rawhides?

Then the puppy will like to play so you will have to get the puppy toys. I remember I had a chihuahua about 20 or more years ago. That puppy loved his toys so much, and I have a tendency to spoil my pets and bought him a toy every single time I went out to a store.

Dogs and grooming

You'll want to show your dog your love giving them treats., Whether you give them some vegetables, a commercial treat or a treat you baked your dog.

It is possible you might not want to cut their nails as there is a vein you might cut their nails that will bleed so you might want to take a professional nail cutter. Then there is grooming. You might get your dog's hair cut that will cost you. If the dog is short haired he will still need to get a bath once in awhile, You will have to buy shampoo made for dogs. Dogs can't have shampoo that is made for humans. If they have long hair that is intended to stay long, you will have to buy a brush to brush your dog, or the dog will get matted hair.

If they are short haired and are a small dog breed, you will have to buy the dog a sweater for winter walks.

Yes, a puppy that grows up into an adult can bring great joy but if you can't feed your family, maybe a dog isn't for you


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11th Sep 2015 (#)

I am a dog lover and adopted an older dog but it still cost more than most people think to have a dog.

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