Dog Mood Swings: Reasons and Treatment

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Beware of the dog, who wags his tail to the right. Are not very friendly mood

Confused roughly dog's mood swings?

According to scientists, dogs communicate more complicated than previously thought. For example, distinguish between left and right like a man, which is very important. The results of its scientists have called a landmark, as is clear from scientific studies published in the journal Liberality.

Tuned friendly dog wags his tail, the scientists left. The project showed that the dog that wags his tail on the left side of the body is said to be friendlier than the one tuned to a tail while moving in the same way, but on the right side. "This is groundbreaking research. We knew that the dogs are in a sense, the language, but now we know that is far more complicated," said psychologist Roger Mug ford animal.

As the project took place?

Canadian scientists in the project put the dog park robot, a faithful copy of a life-sized Labrador. Mechanical movement of the tail is controlled remotely. In an attempt to shoot at the camera more than 500 dogs in the vicinity of the robot appeared, and then analyzed their behavior.

Dogs know the distance, if fellow waggling his tail really friendly mood. A surprising finding was that if a robot dog wagging his tail to the left, to evaluate dogs as friendly gesture, before he moved to the right tail. When the robot had a tail to the left, closer to him without hesitation, 56 percent of animals moving in the right tail, did the same only 21 percent of dogs. Researchers then drive out of the sample if they were close to the dog owners who could affect the behavior of their animals. Obtained similar results, however, 41 percent and 28 percent.

It follows that testing the animals behaved in this respect, on what side of the robot dog wagging his tail. At the same time scientists said it is not yet clear whether this behavior results from dogs life experiences or inherited predisposition.

According to Mug ford research also reinforced the belief that dogs like people distinguish the communication right and left sides. "It's another example of the similarities between humans and dogs. They are more like us than we thought," he added.


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Very intersting, thank you for sharing.

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