Dog and Mrs. Bonasera triumph over grisly Grim Reaper

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A woman's life in New York was saved by providence. Alone in the bathroom in the 2nd story portion of her house, she was unaware of the fire that has started, smoked and now raging in the house down below. Find out how she was able to escape death from the Grim Reaper.

House catches fire without knowledge of owner who was up the house inside the bathroom

Dog and Master help one another escape fiery death in NY.
Dog traps inside burning house keeps barking to warn master of impending danger, then master went back to blazing house to save dog in NY City.
While Mrs. Jackie Bonasera was drying her hair in a bathroom upstairs in her Long Island home in New York City on Friday, her pet dog began to bark frantically as flames rapidly ate the house from front to the back.
Alarmed, Jackie ran downstairs and saw flames in her garage.
She was able to escape unhurt from the raging fire.
She said she ran out of the house and saw her neighbors came running over, and then she remembered her pit bull Cain. “He saved my life, I have to save his,” Bonasera said.

Mrs. Bonasera return the favor by saving the dog

Racing against time, she placed her robe over her face and ran back in and grabbed the dog. Then she stood out, watching her house eaten by the fire, she said.
Bonasera believes she would have been trapped upstairs if the dog hadn’t alerted her to the fire.
Bonasera’s daughter, Alexus Stallworth, said Cain is “the town hero.”
“He’s a pit bull, too,” said Stallworth. “They have such bad reps, but he’s such a good boy.”
Stallworth was outside the house when the fire broke out and captured the blaze on her cell phone camera.
More than 70 firefighters were needed to stop the fire. Although the cause of the blaze has not been determined and the arson squad is investigating, police don’t believe it’s suspicious.
The homeowner is a contractor who is working on several homes that were damaged by Sandy, and he said he now hopes he can get his own home fixed before winter.

Hero pit bull "Cain" met a tragic end

Update: The hero pit bull Cain or "kaine" is now dead. The sad news probably comes from a son:
Nick Bonasera, 2 months ago
"...That dog saved my mother from a raging fuckin inferno. And all the people who stood up for him thank u. But it pains me to say this, kaine passed away on sunday , he was hit by a car on route 106 in front of my home. That dog is a hero. To every one."

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