Don't Cry When Your PC Crashes

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If you have a personal computer, it isn’t a question of if but when, it is going to go south. Here is some advice on what to do before and after that tragic event happens.

Before it happens

Prepare for the inevitable by backing up your data, unless you don’t care for your data and figure good riddance to bad rubbish. I have my writing projects and pictures I take to use with them and research material (yeah right). There are several ways of doing this; most PC’s have CD writers, which is quick and economical. I have an external USB HD (Hard Drive) that is convenient and easily transferable except with Windows XP Home, which is pesky about drivers, for some reason. There is also, if you can afford it, online backup sites. I want mention any by name because they don’t pay me but you can look them up online with a search engine, notice I didn’t say “Google” (darn it!). Now they owe me one. Online backup sites charge a fee (I don’t do fees well). Remembering to backup your data and organizing it can be a chore but one that reaps great benefits when your PC no longer wants to play nice with you. I can not speak for Mac’s or Apples as I can’t afford that technology. I understand they can crash also, so be warned.

When it happens don't panic

Well if you have a deadline and didn’t take my aforementioned advice, go ahead and panic a little. Calm down now, most PC’s normally just don’t up and hard crash out of the blue. Aside from lightening strikes (they really suck), there are usually warning signs of impending tragedy, i.e. locking up, slowness, BSOD (blue screen of death), funny noises, etc. If you take heed to these signs, you can back up your data and call a PC Doctor. No, me neither, it is not always the end of your digital world. I personally have a spare PC and a laptop to fall back on. You can usually find these at yard sales or along side the road very cheap (inexpensively). I should have mentioned before, it is a really good idea to keep all your software together to have handy when you need it. I forgot and this paragraph needed more words anyway, for symmetrical purposes. If you are a DIY type person and cannot afford a computer technician like me, I have some good news, maybe.

How to recover your data

If your PC didn’t get struck by lightening then you are lucky and we can go with your hard drive just gave up the ghost. For this scenario we will need another one (HD) for sure. I always have these for some reason and I am not saying I have had more than my share of crashes, it happens to the best of us, so don’t feel bad. Shop around for the best deal on a hard drive. I usually go for used ones which is probably why I suffer more crashes than most people which makes me an expert and qualified to write this article. Once you obtain the replacement HD put it in your PC and reload your OS (Operating System) which is hopefully for your sake Windows XP Professional but if not it will just be more painful but possible so stop panicking already. XP Pro is the best for recovering all your drivers for your different thingies that newer OS’s (Vista, 7) don’t have drivers for and never will. Xp Home doesn’t play well with drivers anyway so try to avoid it. After you have reloaded your OS, you can either recover your data from your backup CD’s or external HD, I mentioned earlier and you are good to go, yeah.

If that didn't work

Before you pull out your hair or head for an expensive nerd technician that in all likelihood is just going to tell you, you need a new computing device and your data is gone for good, remember it never really goes anywhere and you can get it back. If you were like me and neglected the warning signs and didn’t back it up like I suggested, you can piggy back your bad HD to your replacement and copy over all your precious data or just start from scratch with a clean slate. This is an easy procedure and you can look it up online or ask your kids how. Just remember anything saved under your documents is security protected and will not copy (access denied). While I can not recommend changing the security settings to Everyone Full Control (right click on My Documents and your name), I was fortunate this time and able to go back in and change this setting so I could copy my stuff to my external HD and then to my new, used one. Unfortunately the photos I took to go with this article are still on my old HD and it is stored in an undisclosed location for safe keeping in case that’s not all I forgot to copy over. Thanks for reading my article and comments are always welcome.

I did not mention Viruses because I didn’t want to go there. If you have good protection then it is a non starter. AVG has a free version online that seems to be getting rave reviews. I use Symantec because I always have, despite their fee thing.


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29th Nov 2012 (#)

I always shriek for help or curse and swear when my PC crash. I hate virus. Thanks for yr advices.

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