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Ways in which one can save money, but it is has to be a strict line between our wallets and the counter.

Everyone wants to Save Money

Yes believe it or not I am here to tell you it is possible to save money or start saving money at any time in our lives. Virtually anyone can do it. The little man can win too, there just has to be a strict spending budget, and yes I have a few things to add into this budget that you or anyone can make if they really wanted it.
Today the price of everything is steadily going up, such as gas and food. People are already saving money at the gas pumps by switching from gas to electricity and bio fuels, which isn’t a bad deal these days when you consider the cost of gas at the pumps. That is a way to save money.
Food for your family is on the rise as well and will continue to go up in price. Fast food restaurants will burn a new hole in your wallet fast. You could be saving a ton of cash each month by pre-preparing your lunches for work, many people do this and it saves. If you don’t believe it just ask any down town construction worker. Ask them if they save money pre-preparing their lunches vs. going to the McDonalds across the street.
Here is another solution whether we choose to accept it or not. We can even save money on our cell phone bills. Evaluate the things you do with your phone. 411 calls can kill us all alone, so let’s make it a habit to stop making so many of them and we will surly see a big change in how much we pay on our cell phone bills. To many long distance calls will also eat up your pocket. Only make a small number of long distance calls, say 1-3 times a day for only 20 minutes at a time. This should also save you some cash.
Here is a big issue that most of us don’t want to admit to, lol. We keep buy crap we don’t need. Like that 400 dollar ipad that will just get old and thrown in the closet somewhere when the next big thing comes out. If your car or truck is broken then its ok get a new ride, transportation is a must these days. If you just want to spend 50 grand on a car or truck because you just felt like it, then you just put yourself in more debt. So don’t make those non-essential spends and save yourself some cash.


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Interesting. Thank you for your post.

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