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Is there some trick to download GarageBand for Windows for free? Yes you can install GarageBand software on your PC with a few simple tricks.

How to Get GarageBand for PC Free

Are you interested in music mixing, editing or creating new sound tracks, than you must be very much familiar with GarageBand? This is a great tool for all musicians needs but if you own a Windows Operating system like Windows 7, XP or Win 8, you cannot play GarageBand on your computer or laptop. Don’t worry I discover a great solution for this problem, now you can easily install and play GarageBand on all Windows devices and be a sound master in short time. You need to follow these handy tricks, you won the game.

How to download and install GarageBand for PC?

1. You can easily download a Mac version of GarageBand on your PC from CNet, Torrent sites or any other reliable website that offers offline versions of Macintosh applications. You can also get it from Apple store through an IPad and than transfer it on your Windows.

2. After you successfully downloaded the latest version of GarageBand, install a Mac emulator for Windows, you can download an E-Maculation, VirtualBox or WMware emulator on your Windows 8 or any other version of Windows operating system.

3. Now install your favorite emulator on the Windows OS.

4. Now open the Mac or IPad emulator and install the GarageBand on Windows.

5. Now start mixing or creating your own music in no time.

Is there a free program like GarageBand for Windows?

Yes you can there are a lot of free applications similar like GarageBand for Windows, you can use free editions of Fruity Loops, Sonar, CubeBase, Albeton Live, Audacity and Magix Music Maker.

It's so frustrating when you bend over backwards to work with local bands on local band budgets and get it thrown back in your face. If this is really your destiny and all you want in life, then stop being so cheap. You continue to work with locals because you genuinely care about the local music scene, even if that means working for less than minimum wage on some projects. You don't know how much more patience you have in yourself, better you Get it and going back to GarageBand. As a guitarist, I find it very strange to play virtual guitars, like the one in GarageBand for iPad.

I find it funny when I see musicians on here talking shit about the gear, GarageBand, plugins and samples other musicians use when it's so "cliche", "un-pro", "ironic" or whatever else it may be. It doesn't matter what gear you use. Learning how to produce well using GarageBand gear is actually one of the greatest tricks to become better at making music. You cannot get off GarageBand until your last breathe, the only gear that matters is your brain and how good you are at mixing and EQing. So please gain your expertise in GarageBand and go back to your circle jerks. Guess it all depends on the sound you want. If you want a real piano, use a real piano. Fake piano, use a fake one. Both are ok. However, if you built a house with plastic nails, it might work but won't be very solid. I think people need to spend less time criticizing others methods and spend more time supporting their community as collaboration builds inspiration and inspiration builds greatness.


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Hey Steve It would have been better if you would have explained some other method to run garageband on windows instead of ipadian emulator. It crashes most of the time

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