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Do you have a high level character yet still get owned by lower-leveled characters? Here's your solution!


Dragonball Z: Heroes United is an MMO on BYOND created by Falacy. In this game, you can play as various Dragonball Z characters from the DBZ-GT series. You can do various missions/quests as well as train to be the strongest. This game comes with various features like Clan Wars and World Tournaments. There is always a vast amount of players, so you will never have to play alone.

Leveling Guide

Ok. For starters, when you train, train to get stronger and not to increase your level.
Anyway, go to the ship, North from Master Roshi's (Starting Location).

Fast Level Gain:
Now, if you don't care for your stats, then just use the sparring partner on the Ships Controls and do that constantly. Then buy some weights and train with the sparring partner some more. Once you get the maximum weight of the weighted clothing, you gain 1 level per sparring partner.

High Stat Gain with Low Level:
Now, if you care for your stats and not your level, turn on gravity to it's maximum that you can handle (it can be found in your Statistics Tab). Now after setting it, walk on the treadmills with the gravity going, this will increase your powerlevel and other stats. You will boost your stats while your level will increase extremely slow. You can also do the Ki Deflect to increase your Ki. There is also a punching bag that you can hit to increase your strength. These methods will make you very strong at a low level,

Following these methods will payout. Either your level hungry or power hungry. The choice is yours. I hope this helps.


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