Dreaming of having a Great Dane

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I would like to have my very own Great Dane and I don't mind spending for it. I just want to have my very own "Gentle Giant".

Great Danes are the most elegant dogs

Personally, I think Great Danes are the most elegant dogs to look at.

They move with a quiet air of royalty and grow to such sizes as big as a small horse. Their sweet temper is something I like too.

A friend of mine had a Great Dane and it was so tame towards people that you could not believe how friendly the dog was. It was neither boisterous nor aloof. It would just brush itself against you or rest its' head on your lap looking at you with it's big, sad looking eyes.

I swear my heart melted when it first did that.

And yet that dog had a different side to it. You see, it was also a watch dog. If you've ever heard a Great Dane bark, you'd fear it from the sound alone. In an enclosed space, the bark resonates and deafens people. It is quite deep and rumbly. And when the dog finally appears with it's piercing stare, any would be thief would instantly drop down to his knees and start praying for an intervention.

The Great Dane was bred as a boar hound and can easily outrun anything (well if it really wants to) with its long legs and wide gallop. When it pounces, they usually subdue their prey by resting on top of it. A 150lb dog can easily keep a man still.

Thank goodness that it's not a normally aggressive dog. Or else they'd be on top of the food chain by now. A Great Dane is very patient even if kids pound on it.

I saw one such dog just easily get up and walk away after a toddler jumped on it and started punching it's head and pulling its ears. The dog didn't even bear its teeth. It simply got up, causing the baby to slide off (gently) and walked away.

I bet the mother of that child's heart stopped when she saw that.

So I would like to have my very own Great Dane and I don't mind spending for it. I just want to have my very own "Gentle Giant".


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