Dreaming of snakes. Understanding what their occurrence in dreams means

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The snake symbol is apparently one of the most often occurring dream symbols.

I had a dream recently which had some snakes within it.

Snakes are associated with evil in the Christian religion. After-all, the original depiction of the devil was as the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

This article further examines this interesting theme in dreams.

My dream of snakes, and birds

In the old Testament book of the bible, the original man and his partner are tempted by a snake in the Garden of Eden. This story is outlined in chapter Genesis 3.

Here is the dream that I had.

I was dreaming that I had 10 or 12 birds in a large cage in our large farmhouse in the house, which I kept in the large industrial-sized laundry of the house. We used to wash the farm-hand's clothes there for them too.

My wife and I had gone off to work. We worked in the same office, somewhere in the town of the place where we had our farm. At morning tea time, I had an ill-feeling about the birds, and so we came home to check up on them. The cage was no longer in the house. We also had a large garage/shed on our property, which also had many farmhand workers, working in the fields, for us.

"I had a hunch to look in the barn like structure for the birds. We went inside, and I heard a bird chirping. We went into the small kitchen in the large barn, and I was alarmed to see four dead birds on the floor there, and one very stressed large bird still alive there too."

"I picked this bird up, and then I went out with my wife then to explore the rest of the barn. I went down to the back end, where I saw some large garage doors had been opened, and were still open. There were three or more large garage doors that sat side-by-side making up the wall of this back-end of the large work-shed."

"I was hoping that these doors would have been still closed so I might be able to capture some of the birds still in the barn which had not escaped. I was wondering how the cat got into the locked barn to kill the birds, as I thought that's what looked liked had killed them."

"I saw another bird near the garage door. I picked it up too."

"Then I noticed some of the workers milling around near the door, who it appeared where about to bring out some farm equipment into the field, including the tractor."

"One man came over, put his finger down near the floor near some grass or a small bush growing there near the door, and a small blue bird jumped onto his finger then. It had one leg missing."

"I was feeling a bit put out by his doing this, as I was thinking that I was the only 'special' one that could attract the birds like this, and they would come to me because they sensed something special about me too. I was not so special after all it seemed. Anyway, I then put my own finger out, and the bird on his finger then climbed over across onto mine."

"Then I saw a very large wooden kennel. It looked just like a dog kennel. It was near the back-entrance too. I now saw another small bird walking near the entrance of this kennel, and it was just inside it a bit. I reached into the kennel, and picked it up too. It too only had one leg. It too was a small blue bird."

"The other birds that we owned were all more yellow green in colour. It seemed that these two small blue birds had both survived, but in their struggle to get away, presumably from the cat, they had both lost a leg."

"Then I bent over, and I looked more closely into the kennel to see if there were any other birds further back, hiding in there too. I was surprised, and I jumped back very quickly then indeed, as I saw seven large snakes curled up in there, inside the kennel."

"I counted their heads sticking up and out, and I was thinking then just how lucky I had been not to be bitten by one of them."

"My wife had her camera/I-phone with her, and I said to her then, how about you taking a photo of that (meaning the snakes), but she didn't want to. She had always been very afraid of snakes in our real life. I woke up then feeling shocked about this, and feeling very relieved too, in a way."

"Just before this, (before I woke up) my wife had suggested to me out loud so that the men could hear her that maybe we should sue these farm workers for carrying the cage into the barn, then letting the birds out like that, as we assumed that it was them who had done this."

"They were glad when I said no I won't do this (sue them). They had been feeling very afraid when they heard my wife saying this."

"I had five birds now left out of the original 12."

"One very small one was sitting on the head of the large one in my left hand. It was cleaning the head feathers of this large bird, seemingly oblivious now to the traumatic event that had previously taken place for it and for the other birds. It had landed here on the head of the larger bird still in my left hand, having come down from the rafters to do this."

"One other bird was clinging tightly onto my woollen jumper on my chest now, and two were resting on the fingers of my other hand, my right hand. These were the two blue ones, with only one leg now each. The one clinging to my jumper now had also landed there by itself. It had flown there from my hand, when I had picked it up at the door before. "

A possible interpretation of my dream

"The snake is the symbol of the great wisdom of Nature, for the too direct way is not the best way; the crooked way, the detour, is the shorter way. Snake dreams always indicate a discrepancy between the attitude of the conscious mind and instinct, the snake being a personification of the threatening aspect of that conflict."

"Nights through dreams tell us the myths forgotten by the day."

I read this quote somewhere. It is from that great Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung, (1875 to 1961).

Snake dreams bring a strong message to the dreamer that they must connect more deeply with themselves in order to break away from their own personal struggle with fear.

My dream with both birds and snakes in it portrays an invisible link between love and fear. The flight of love to the higher planes is often forestalled from taking place by fear holding us here, and there are seven such fears.

These seven fears are:

The fear of life, the fear of others, the fear of yourself, the fear of love, and the fear of fear itself are the first five fears. Finally to complete the seven, are the fear of God, and the fear that you might die. These are the seven biggest fears.

"I am a symbol of my soul."

This is another quote from Carl Gustav Jung.

Jung seems to be saying here that everything in our lives is some type of a symbol to our soul. That being the case, I believe the reverse is also true. It is our soul that is sending us these symbols within our dreams so that we might get to know itself.

Our soul is the captain of our lives. Everything else on the ship is just a tool for our soul.

Snakes, and past lives. Wisdom, and ego

Snakes could be thought to be related to rebirth & past lives.

This idea could stem from the fact that they shed their skins, and the connection might be that we too should shed ourselves of our old ways too.

Shedding of old ways is about renewing yourself through immersing yourself more fully in love being "reborn" again. The snake is a tempter in Christianity, but it is a symbol of renewal in some other religions, like Hinduism.

The truth is that the snake is there to bite you with its wisdom, as it bit Adam, and he obtained wisdom all right, as he had his eyes opened to the truth about himself, and about Eve, but then as his punishment he had to keep looking for more and more wisdom.

The search for such wisdom is never satisfied.

The truth is that wisdom is useless to all if it never serves love, and if it only serves itself, as does that of the Serpent in this Adam and Eve story.

We must return to the innocence of a child, and drop our wisdom into the bucket of truth, not try to hold onto this wisdom in our ego. We must not try to learn just for the sake of learning, grow just for the sake of growing, or become wise just for its own sake either.

We should not search just to come up trumps in our understanding, wisdom or knowing. We must allow ourselves to disappear into the truism of God's love, and so then nothing else is required.

Wisdom gained for its own sake is only just for fools who have left God far behind.

Real wisdom is never kept until its old. It burns itself in the fire of love to keep your coals of love alive, until you alone can be alone with God, not in wisdom together, but in love together.

Wisdom lives not on its own. Dreaming of snakes is a reminder of this.

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The photos used in this article have all been freely taken for use from the free media site, pixabay.com.


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author avatar Retired
11th May 2015 (#)

I think your analysis of the dream is correct.

Notice, though, that you lost seven birds but gained seven snakes. You still have 12 altogether but now the symbolism is weighted on the side of 'esoteric' knowledge, rather than 'spiritual' escape (the previously caged birds).

(See Matthew 16:26, Mark 8:36 and Luke 9:15)

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author avatar spirited
11th May 2015 (#)

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

Matthew 16:26

Thanks, Christopher,

yes, I had noticed that there were seven snakes, but I didn't notice that I lost seven birds too. I was more looking at the five I had left. The snakes were all in a kennel, but not really confined to it.

They were free to escape if they wanted to. Both my wife and myself feared them, only after we became aware of them there.

The truth lives within different depictions of it and then the emptiness is followed by the fullness as it moves and is exchanged across this duality which gives life at the same time to an independent viewing of God's oneness, seen uniquely in the way these exchanges are taking place within the person so concerned.

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author avatar M G Singh
11th May 2015 (#)

Freud related dreams of snakes to sex. Wonder how far he was correct

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author avatar spirited
11th May 2015 (#)

at some level, he might have been right, if we substitute his word "sex", for "love"

Love is the great driving force and motivator behind all else, not sex. Sex is just an outlet for love on the physical levels.

Thanks Madan

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author avatar Retired
11th May 2015 (#)

Thought provoking post. Thanks for the share.

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author avatar spirited
11th May 2015 (#)

Thanks Joyesh,

it's really interesting to read others ideas too about our dreams. Christopher above is very good at seeing through what we miss, because of our censors, or egos.

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author avatar Carol Roach
12th May 2015 (#)

ancient Hinduism also incorporated the snake as the phalic symbol just like Freud. Jung was a student of Freud.

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author avatar spirited
12th May 2015 (#)

thanks Carol.

I wonder if they more meant the symbol to mean life, rather than sex, that is if it had the same meaning as which Freud gave to it to these Hindus.

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author avatar Kingwell
12th May 2015 (#)

There are no snakes where I live and I don't remember ever dreaming of one. It's probably a good thing since I've always feared them. Dreams are very interesting and can be useful tools for understanding ourselves. Another good share. Blessings.

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author avatar spirited
12th May 2015 (#)

thanks Kingwell,

that's probably an astute observation Kingwell.

I saw plenty of snakes at my primary school as I grew up, so that indeed could be a factor in my dreams using that symbol for me.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th May 2015 (#)

After all you are living in a snake country Spirited! I recall Australia has more venomous snakes than any other country in the world, has also the "unenviable distinction" of being home to no fewer than 9 of the top 10 most venomous snakes in the world!

Lord Shiva wears snake as a necklace and that is taken as a symbolism to overcome innate fear within us and of death too.

I have had occasional dreams of snakes and I cannot interpret the meaning behind them. Steve Irwin used to say - isn't she a beauty? He always used to blame humans for the encounters with them as we intrude into their habitat - siva

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author avatar spirited
13th May 2015 (#)

yes thanks siva, we are indeed a snaky lot down here.

I also had many dreams of snakes when I was a boy too.

Funny enough I was not afraid of them then, but in the dream described above I was a little afraid because of the danger I had placed myself unwittingly within.

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author avatar brendamarie
15th May 2015 (#)

very interesting article. I just had a dream about snakes myself. It make more sense after reading your article

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author avatar spirited
15th May 2015 (#)

thanks brendamarie.

I am glad it helped you a bit there with your own dream.

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