Dreams and their relationship to your life

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This article is both a personal and a general look into what our nightly dreams are really all about. Dreams are important to you. They can help you to heal your life, and to live from yourself more dynamically alive as the real you.

Dreams can come to help us more consciously live our lives

Dreams can give you a connection to a more spiritual life. They can connect you to an inner guide that can help you to find greater meaning, and give you a proper direction in your life. They can help you to find yourself.

Many of us are so caught up in our day to day living that we move away from being interesting in contacting this great source of knowledge. We have perhaps become too rationally materialistic to even want to examine our dreams, or far too lazily busy to ever think of recording them, or writing them down.

We so often do not value our dreams nearly enough.

It is a good idea to record our dreams into a journal, so that upon looking back over them, we can see the re-occurring patterns, and this will also aide us in compiling a list of our own particular individually relevant dream symbols for our self.

We need to understand that the figures being depicted in our dreams are a part of the community of ourselves. Every part of a dream depicts some aspect of our personality, our characteristics, or in short, they can show us some part of who we really are to ourselves.

Our shadow self is brought into full light within a dream, and these parts of us take their part on the stage of our dreams. In our dreams, we are being given the unique chance to explore more fully who we really are.

A typical dream explored

One night, I was dreaming that I was watching a man performing a routine on the parallel bars. I noticed that he had no lower legs from just past his knees down, also he only had one hand, the other hand was missing from just above the wrist joint.

In my dream, I was admiring how skilled he still was, but I was wondering how he would leave the apparatus to finish his routine. I woke up before he had reached that stage of his performance.

Then immediately after this dream, I went into another dream where I went to a very poor neighbour's house, and I gave them $1000 cash in an envelope to help them. Strangely enough though, before I had even knocked on their door, I found a $2 coin on their front doormat, that I quickly pocketed for myself though.

Because love is the energy that really sits behind all else, and which in its way forms for us every experience to give us a new way to learn more about love, we should firstly look at a dream to try to see the lesson of love in it that it might hold for us.

Love lives in your dreams and love brings you closer to itself within a dream.

My dream above shows me that I need to share my life more with others. I should never hoard up things that I am not using myself. I should give them away so that others might use what I am not really using. I need to share my life more with others.

This is being indicated to me by the fact that I really resented giving that $1000 to my poor neighbour in my dream.

Why did I greedily take that $2, and immediately so quickly pocket it for myself?

That $2 represents the $1000 in its way.

I gave away the $1000, but I took it back in my mind. I really thought that they did not deserve it. It can be said that the amount itself is not important. It is the thought or the love behind the act of giving that is far more important than the amount.

What was my crippled man dream all about then?

The crippled man dream shows me that I am not really ever being restricted by who I am, or even by that person who that I think that I am. We all usually hold some wrong thoughts about ourselves in this way.

I am me, and so I must always only try to be the best me that I can be. I will always only ever be me, and so I should never see myself as being not as good as others, or as being crippled by life in any way at all.

I can live my life as me, and I should never doubt that truth for even one minute of my life.

Understanding the language of our own dreams

Dreams will often communicate to you in a different language than what you are used to.

This means that to understand what they are telling you, you must learn their language first.

We can learn the symbolic language of dreams by becoming more familiar with the meanings of dreams, as they are generally being depicted in any good dream dictionary.

Never the less, this only ever remains just a generalised idea of the globalised symbols that are a part of the collective psyche, as the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung called it, of the common human character.

Your individualised meanings are better ascertained by you creating your own dictionary of your own dream symbols, and assessing for yourself the exact meaning that one of these symbols might hold for you, both in its outer importance, and in its inner meaning.

For example, a dream dictionary will tell you that if you are having trouble finding a station in order for you to catch a train to an unknown city, you are probably being told that there is something in your life that you probably shouldn't be pursuing either.

On the other hand though, your life is your life, not anyone else's.

We need to continue on our own journey. Sometimes this might seem to be the wrong way, but it is in fact always the right way. Your dreams show you what is right for you.

Dreams allow you to reach up to your higher self for an explanation. We cannot expect to hear our own truth from others, even if we talk to their higher self.

They will always have different views of God's truth as being seen from their own position. Only you can understand your own self from your own dreams.

Nobody else can interpret your dreams properly except your own self.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
26th Feb 2014 (#)

i so enjoy my dreams and I ask what I am supposed to learn from them...thank you for this spirited...and I agree only we can interpret what is so...

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author avatar spirited
26th Feb 2014 (#)

thanks cnwriter. I dream a lot, remembering 3 or more each night. I always try to write them down and to look at them for their meaning.

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author avatar Retired
26th Feb 2014 (#)

Fantastic post about dreams spirited. I always just thought that they were your subconsciousness' way of dealing with things. I never realized their was meaning behind them as well!!!

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author avatar spirited
26th Feb 2014 (#)

Thanks Mizz Panda, there is some type of meaning in absolutely everything that happens I feel.

Hence the saying everything happens for a reason.

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author avatar Kingwell
26th Feb 2014 (#)

Good article. I have always been interested in dreams.

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author avatar spirited
26th Feb 2014 (#)

thanks Kingwell

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
26th Feb 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar spirited
26th Feb 2014 (#)

thanks Fern!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Feb 2014 (#)

Thought provoking, Spirited. I have been able to connect some of my dreams with recent happenings in my life. Occasionally, I have also found solutions to problems that were nagging me without end. But most are random and tough to recollect when awake! I do feel, sometimes, they are from our subconscious mind that are difficult to relate with; they may be from a parallel existence (the real deal?) that we wake up to after our short innings here! siva

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author avatar spirited
26th Feb 2014 (#)

Thanks siva. Many years ago I bought an alarm clock with several alarms on it. I set it for various times during the night. Every time that I woke up I recorded the dream that I was in. After doing that for years, and also as a result of getting married, (my wife didn't like being woken up!) I can now do that even without the alarm. I wake up after each dream and record it.

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