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Here is my tips on using paradiddles as part of a practice regimen.

The Paradiddle

This is the first of hopefully many articles I can publish about drumming. I will start at the beginning, as every drummer knows there are several fundamentals which contribute towards improvisational skill. Today I will cover one of my favorite Rudiments.

The most basic sticking for a paradiddle is RLRR and the reverse LRLL. Below I will outline a few different methods of using this.

a) Accent the first beat (Accented beat shown in brackets).
so our paradiddle becomes (R)LRR - (L)RLL.

b) Accent the second beat. R(L)RR - L(R)LL.

c) Accent the third beat. RL(R)R - LR(L)L.

d) Accent the fourth beat. RLR(R) - LRL(L).

These are great, as they can help to strengthen all four beats.

Now try the above exercises with the following paradiddle variations

Variation 1: RLLR - LRRL

Variation 2: RRLR - LLRL

Variation 3: RLRL - LRLR (the double here is the last note of the first part and the first note of the second part)

Enjoy, and come back for more!


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author avatar R.B. Parsley
2nd Mar 2011 (#)

Being a drummer too, I will definitely practice this. I hope you plan on writing more articles like this. Some of this stuff I have forgotten, so I'll use this and future articles as a refresher course. Can't wait to see more of your drumming articles. Keep 'em comin'


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