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Each of us needs a balanced peace of mind as an indication of a vibrant yet composed personality. Such a peace makes the person to perform at his/her best, hence desirable at all costs.

Exert to Earn Peace of Mind

Although, ultimate and extreme stage of peace is death which none usually wants to confront while living. Each of us needs a balanced peace of mind as an indication of a vibrant yet composed personality. Such a peace makes the person to perform at his/her best, hence desirable at all costs.
In the turbulent world we are living in, peace of mind is not freely or naturally available unless we earn it through both of our omissions and commissions. Omissions for involving in avoidable disharmony with others, and commissioning for exerting to be calm and composed even under turbulent situations. Thus, peace of mind can be intentionally earned by any of us.

Omissions for a Peaceful Life

All positive actions are not fruitful always. Some times we need to put ourselves under restrains of self-discipline against temptations of taking an action. Such restrains are technically the omissions or closing our eyes to an ongoing incidence and go on moving on our own path.
Restrain Yourself Unless Invited
It makes you furious when you say something full of wisdom in your opinion and that gets neglected by others. Even such a furry may be justified in your opinion, but is not desirable in your own interests. People value a thing most when they need it badly, look for it laboriously, and get it after making multiple requests. Else, an unwarranted thing is unwanted too in most of the cases. This takes us to conclude that unless, our advice is sought and requested for, we must desist from forwarding it to others howsoever close they may be to us.
With such a restrain, you may feel sad for your novel idea being strangulated by yourself, but it is all the more better than forwarding the idea and facing it being thrown to a dust bin of neglect. So please restrain yourself unless invited.
Ignore for a Revenge
When somebody hurts your self-respect or feelings, you tend to react compulsively in order to take the revenge to satisfy your ego. Such an act for ego satisfaction may extend the struggle not only outside but also inside of you disturbing your peace of mind for a long time. Under such a situation, some wise people often advice to forgive and forget the opponent which is impossible in reality. None did it in the past and none would do so in the future. Memory is not a thing to be wiped off at will. Natural principles of action-reaction and cause-and-effect too disallow forgiving and forgetting strategy.
The best way to take a revenge is to ignore the other person in your dealings and let him/her anxiously wait for your reaction. Enjoy the turbulence of mind on the opposite side with a peaceful mind of yourself.
Have Patience for Recognition
Again wise people of the world advice you to do your best and not to crave for a recognition or reward. Such a thing too is impossible to achieve. Even the so-called preacher of this great Yoga Krishna never did so.
You do your best only when you have a clear objective in mind. How can you forget the objective after your performance? Instead, have confidence that you will be rewarded and recognized for your performance, just let the circumstances be congenial for the reward, or may be your performance may need some touch-ups to get the due recognition. So, have patience, it is a virtue.

Desirable Commissions for Peace

Above given is what you should not do not to disturb your peace of mind. But this is not enough as it does not earn you the desired peace and composure. You need to earn these through positive actions. Here are a few things to be taken note of.
Replace Jealousy with Envy
Very easy to advice - don't be jealous. Since, it is impossible not to react to an apparent injustice to yourself. When you find that somebody else with a lower quality of performance than that of yours is rewarded and you ignored, react in an envious way instead of being jealous.
Jealousy is a negative attribute that does nothing but stirring your mind and not allowing it come to terms. On the contrary, envy induces you to compete with the other through reviewing and making your performance better than the competitor in aspects more relevant to the competition. Remember, your performance is adjudged on aspects most relevant to the situation and not as a whole. So, focus on the relevant aspects of competition with a spirit of envy.
Adapt Yourself or Move Alone
An operations research principle dictates moving the smaller entity closer to a larger entity when the two are required to be close by. Similarly, the Nature, the environment, the society are larger entities than your individuality. So, if you desire a semblance, you need to adapt to the terms of the large entities.
Do it but without compromising on your value system when it comes to establish a semblance with the society. If you find, the society is degraded in its value-system, keep aloof from it and move alone on your path. Your footprints will surely induce more persons to follow them some day.
Build-up Resilience
Build up your strength to endure what can not be cured not to feel weak in an odd situation. Whether the disease is inside or outside of yourself, endure it with all your strengths. Remember, it is the strength that wins ultimately. So never feel defeated even in a failure which may be circumstantial beyond your control.
Understand your Capabilities and Weaknesses
Understand your capabilities and weaknesses before putting them on test in a real-life situation, and face the situation accordingly or wait until your capability is adequately built-up to confront the situation. Withdrawing from a war-like situation for adequate preparations is not a defeat rather it is avoidance of the anticipated defeat.
Alexander on reaching India and facing revolt by his generals anticipated his defeat against Porus, so compromised a peace for buying time for the preparations in hiding. Later, he became victorious and installed Mahapadmanand as Emperor of India as his representative.
Understand Business of Life in Wholesomeness
Active work, busy schedules, material race, etc. are not all what life is meant for. Adequate rest and sleep, pondering over critical issues with a relaxed mood and environment, thinking beyond the box, recreating with family and friends, etc. are also tasks important to wholeness of life, include them in your work schedules. With these, you will never feel exhausted, defeated or in distress.
Remember, life is a flame to enlighten and energize its outer world, not a fuel to be consumed.
Always Act Decisively, Forcefully and Coolly
Whatever you propose to do, make a plan with adequate flexibility, take a decision logically and implement it with a cool mind. Accept, there may be minute errors in the plan, flaws in the decision and weaknesses in the implementation, so keep on reviewing and taking corrective actions as you move on the project. Never regret, but act with resurrections on the way.
Remember Your Uniqueness
Lastly, remember that every one of us is a unique creation and can give out his/her best performance in his/her unique way, so are you. Learn from other's experiences, but never try to imitate any. Be on your own and perform in your own unique way.


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