Earning Delta Skymiles And Flying For Free

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This is a guide to help you learn how to earn Delta Skymiles

Earning Delta Skymiles

How To Earn Delta Skymiles

Do you want to go on vacation and pay nothing for your flight. This article will show you can gain Delta Skymiles quickly and redeem them for your vacation. There are various ways to gain Skymiles, my intention is to show you how to do it quickly. This is why I called this article, Delta Skymiles, the how to guide to earn miles quickly and fly on Delta.

Earning Delta Skymiles

1) Delta Skymiles credit card-Go to Delta's website and sign up for their skymiles credit card. It is actually one of the easiest credit cards to get. If you are single, sign up for yourself. Use the card once and they will give you 20,000 miles. You are 5,000 miles short to take a flight in the United States. If you are married, sign both you and your spouse up individually. You will receive 20,000 miles each after your first purchase. When you use this card, you will receive one mile for every dollar you spend.

2) Click on the Delta's how to earn miles link-Delta will show you how to earn miles through various categories. They will have five or six links to show you how to earn miles on their site. You can also earn miles through their magazine you receive when you fly Delta airlines. Also, you will receive one mile for every mile you fly on Delta. Look for the emails Delta will begin sending you. One time, I received 25,000 miles just for booking a flight at a particular time.

These are the traditional ways to get Delta Skymiles. I will now show you some other ways to earn Delta Skymiles. Ways you may never heard of. This is why I call my article, Delta Skymiles, the how to guide to earn miles quickly and fly on Delta. I am told, I am an expert at this.

Other Ways to Earn Delta Skymiles

1) e-rewards-This site sends you surveys to your email to fill out. For every five hundred points you get, you can redeem them for 500 Delta Skymiles. They have a limit to redeeming for various miles once every six months. It is better to earn 100.00 in e-reward money and redeem it for 2,000 miles. E-rewards is easy to sign up for and easy to do. Check it out.

2) E-miles-This site has you look at different advertisements on their site. They give you points for looking. After earning 500 points, you can redeem the points for 500 Delta Skymiles. This is also an easy program to sign up with and easy to earn.

3) Club.live.com-It's actually called Club Bing now because they changed their name. This one is the best site to earn Delta Skymiles. The site is easy and interesting. You play games

for free and you earn points. My favorite game is called flexicon. The games are puzzles and mind teasers. Microsoft owns and runs the site. Sometimes, they even give you double points. It takes 300 points (they call then tickets) to get 100 Delta Skymiles. You can easily get 300 points in an hour worth of playing. I actually received enough points on this site to get two free flights on Delta from Tampa to Hong Kong.

These are the best ways I know how to get free Delta Skymiles. Last month, my family of four flew from Tampa to Hong Kong for free. We did have to pay 200 dollars for taxes, but the flights were free. It took me one year to get enough Delta Skymiles for each of us to fly free. Again, this is why I call this article, Delta Skymiles, the how to guide to earn miles quickly and fly on Delta. If you read this article and want more information on more ways to get Skymiles in the future when I learn them. Please leave a comment at the end of this article. If you have any ideas, I may have missed. Again, please leave a comment for all to see.

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19th Dec 2010 (#)

I hate to fly. Ever since my dad retired from the AF, I have flown maybe 2 times.
So I have nothing to add.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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