Earthworm farm? it will help your garden!

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Do you want better soil for that vegetable garden you have been trying to grow for years? Maybe you never quite succeeded. If you don't have worms or enough buy some and put them in the dirt and have them make your superb soil.

The benefits of earthworms

Most people aren't thrilled when they may be a new vegetable gardener to come across earthworms while digging their garden. But be excited that you have earthworms in yours. The reason is they weave their way through your garden, and you are getting the easy aeration of your garden. The other reason is it eats big organic pieces and makes them smaller, and it makes you have fantastic and rich soil. You can go to an earthworm breeder to get these earthworms

If you want your vegetables to grow better, I will tell you a way to make an earthworm farm. You can transfer these earthworms to your garden or get them from your garden and have them make you better soil.

What to yoiu for your ant farm

One place to grow an earthworm farm is to use a kiddie pool that is plastic, a box that is wooden which can be large. But if you don't have a big garden or else you don't want many. So you can grow them in a bucket.

If this earthworm farm is going to be getting rain going in it if you don't have a place with an awning or roof to cover them. Then get nails and put them in the bottom but don't take them out. It will let the water out and keep your earthworms from escaping and keep them intact. If you don't do this, you could flood and drown the earthworms.

The soil to use for an earthworm farm

Make sure the soil you put in your container will not have too much sand or clay, But it doesn't have to be the best soil out there. The type of your soil that is somewhere in between those two.

What to feed earthworm farms

You have to feed your earthworms some suggestions are organic foods like the grass you mowed, leaves, and kitchen leftovers. BUT avoid potato peels or you won't be feeding your earthworms instead you will be growing a potato or more. As for other kitchen leftovers, don't add meat or egg shells to the earthworm farm. If you do, it will make the temperature of the soil too high. Also any manure makes the soil temperature too high, also.

Mix the food and soil around your container so your soil is better when all the earthworms don't gather in the one little spot where you put the food.

A layer of leaves or grass cuttings should be put on top of the soil so that the moisture from then rain stays in, and it doesn;t dry the soil too much.


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31st Aug 2015 (#)

In other words, create a compost heap to which you add extra worms. We have been doing this for years and now have far more compost than we know what to do with!

By the way, the "potato problem" is not all that serious - we have grown some excellent spuds in the compost heap as a result!

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