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A writing style which makes writing easy with the ability to make your thoughts easy to understood.

Writing Style

Everyone has its own style of writing which comes with own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some styles are writing in multiple paragraph form, single paragraph form, using different sub headings for each paragraph, short and to the point, long and boring, bullet form, sentence form and combinatorial style.

What is combinatorial style?

A combinatorial style of writing is free style writing where a writer has no special liking for a particular style of writing. The writer tries to combine by permutation and combination different form of writing to come up with the most interactive and interesting piece of writing. The main aim of this style is to allow the reader to understand the concept in the best and easiest possible way.
It is like genetic bases which can be used in different combinations to give rise to different genes and organisms. It is our decision which controls the output.


It has several advantages as follows:
• It is easier to maintain variety in the writings.
• It makes reading more interactive.
• It gives more freedom and flexibility to writer to express his/her views.
• It is easy to learn and adapt, which allow the beginners to use this tool to enter into the field of writing.
• It gives more room to make and hide mistakes as lose in grammatical and vocabulary skills, might get cover up by presentation style.


One of the examples of this style of writing is this article only. It can be observed that it made use of bullets, paragraphs, sub headings and highlighters.


The main disadvantage of this style of writing is that it needs lot more creativity and editing resources to make this style appealing to the readers.

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