Easy Science Projects - Relief For Rainy Days

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One of the best easy science projects I have come across recently - relief for rainy days!

Easy Science Projects

Rainy days are a drag for most children but they're even worse for the parent who is looking after them. Easy science projects are a great way to elevate the boredom that kids suffer and give them an extra period of education. It does not have to be hard or expensive - if you just look around your house you will find a million different thing to use in experiments.

Take eggs for example, you can pull of loads of different easy science projects with a couple of eggs. What can they be dropped on without breaking ( a folded towel ) and why do they not crack when they land on a certain material. There is a great little experiment with a hard boiled I discovered online whilst on my night shift last night.

First of all you must boil an egg until it is properly hard boiled and then get hold of an empty bottle who's mouth is smaller in diameter than the egg. If you cannot find a reasonable empty bottle then a glass would probably work even better ( making sure the diameter was smaller than the eggs diameter ).

Cut and then roll up a smallish piece of paper then role into a tube. For the next part you will need an adult. Pop the paper into the bottle or glass and set on fire with the match. place the egg on top of the bottle ( or glass ) and watch in awe with your children as the egg is drawn through the small opening into the bottle/glass.

This is one of the easy science projects that teaches kids and introduces them to the subject of air pressure. Again, as with any of the easy science projects that are geared towards kids you must observe the safety issues - in this experiment it revolves around the match and flame used. If you purchase a couple of pairs of safety goggles ( they are cheap enough ) and wear them for every experiment it will teach your child/children early on about the importance of safety. When they see you also wearing the goggles it will become a good example for them and one they will hopefully follow.

I hope you enjoy this experiment as it is one of the easiest easy science projects I have come across this week. Enjoy the learning curve with your child and his/her adventure in science.

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author avatar Denise O
2nd Mar 2012 (#)

Another great science project for kids. Thank you for sharing.:)

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