Easy Steps to Prepare Your Flowers and Vegetables Home Garden

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You can prepare the garden if you understand which kind of soil your garden plants will require. Some plants require excessive sun while others prefer the shade. One must also watch out for lead contamination in garden soils.

Put your dream into the soil

For preparing the garden in your house, one must begin with some small steps. Everybody has an ambition – a dream that revolves around perfectly planned rose bushes and well manicured lawn. However, have you given thought to pest, insects and other denizen of the dark that may play spoilsport to your efforts?

So, where does one begin – this eternal question is the first and the last is sitting back in your chair in your garden of course. Another question you could ask is how far will your skills as a gardening expert be required. So far, you chewed on improvisations for getting an inspiring ray of light that would help you open the door to success. And that ray has remained behind the door. What are you missing out? You have to know your soil and the manure before you start thinking about plants.

Understanding garden soil

Here are the three components that constitute the garden soil.
1) Clay: Finest particles that help retain moisture and prevent leaching. Leaching is the process of removal of nutrients in the soil when you water the garden.
2) Silt: Intermediary sized particles often made of decaying organic matter, rich in nutrients necessary for plant growth. Over nourishment causes its own problems and so there is a limit to the amount of silt that should be present.
3) Sand: This is a vital component. This will not interact with plants from the chemical aspect of fertilizers or insecticides but will play a significant role in the drainage of soils. The interspaces between grains of sand help provide a passage for the water. Excess insecticides and chemicals thus will wash away out of the soil.

Choosing the proper site for your new garden

Next, thing is to locate your garden site in a proper place in the backyard or in front of the house. Go about it step by step.
• Choose a location that is well drained, free of pests and sufficiently exposed to direct sunlight.
• Choose the soil type that will make chosen plant (flower or vegetable) grow well.
• Check the pH of the soil and its chemical composition for traces of toxic compounds like lead. Streets near highways have high levels of lead. This comes from the exhaust of vehicles. Lead otherwise comes from the paint of buildings however these amounts are significantly small.
• Give enough space for growth in the layout of the garden. If it is a bush, there has to be sufficient space all around while if it is a vine, there has to place where it can grow.
• Prepare the ground for plant by weeding, applying manure and watering the soil. Use organic material like compost made of dried leaves and rotting vegetable and fruits. You can also add animal waste to this.
• Turn the soil over using a spade or trowel. This will let the air enter the soil and enhance growth.
• Keep the balance of the soil at the correct pH value so that it helps good growth. Ensuring the pH to remain more than 6.5 will help plants avoid any contamination such as lead and absorb only the nutrients. Avoid soils having lead concentration levels greater than 100 ppm if you have children in the vicinity. Otherwise, the lead concentration levels can go up to 250 ppm for the garden soil.
• Even out the soil with a rake and keep the top level horizontal. If you want to increase the drainage, you can do so.
• Apply fertilizer that is necessary for the plant growth.
• Now you have to turn the soil over again.

Dealing with lead contamination in soil

There are three course open to you. Here are those options:
a) Raise pH value and thus obstruct the access of plants to lead contamination
b) Cover the lead contaminated soil with good soil
c) Physically remove the lead contaminated soil and replace it with clean soil

Soil and Sun Conditions Required For Simple Flowering Plants

Name of flower -------- Sun exposure -------- Required soil type -------- Blooming season -------- Flower color

Crocus --- Full / part --- Loamy--- Spring, winter--- yellow, pink, purple, blue white, orange
Dahlias --- Full--- Sandy, Loamy--- Summer--- white, yellow, pink, red, orange, red, purple
Hyacinths --- Full /Part--- Loamy--- Spring--- blue, white, yellow, pink, purple, orange, red
Morning Glories --- Full ---Sandy, loamy, any --- Summer, Fall--- pink, purple, white, blue , red
Peonies --- Full /part--- Loamy--- Spring--- pink, white, red, yellow
Rose --- Full--- Loamy--- Spring, summer, fall--- All shades
Marigolds --- Full--- Sandy, loamy, clay--- Spring, fall, summer--- yellow, orange

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