Ecosystem And Man's Survival

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Man's survival on Earth is tied to the Ecosystem and as such must be harnessed and conserved through;
(1) Change of attitudes from ill-will to good will in the way we impact on the ecosystem.
(2) Awareness of the importance of ecosystem to life.
(3) Knowledge and understanding on how to impact on the ecosystem.
(4) Developing skills to tackle these numerous problems we created and finally
(5) Participating in activities to solve and reduce some of these already created problems.

Ecosystem and the Survival of Man

Over the years, the survival and existence of man on planet Earth hangs on several key components in the ecosystem, such components as good health, freedom and choice, social relations and a whole lots of personal security.
The term ''Ecosystem'' is a conglomerate and basic element for human existence, through it hangs other factors that made life meaningful, such as regulating, supporting and provisioning services which is essential to life on earth as a planet.
God created the ecosystem for man to use it sustainably, such that human well-being can be harnessed and enhance positively. But the reverse has been the case today and thus raises concern about the consequences and magnitude of his impact on the ecosystem.
Our sustainability on earth depends to a large extent on our goodwill towards the ecosystem and this can be achieved through our attitudinal change from those ill-will approach to a better approach through the acceptance and acquisition of awareness, knowledge, skills,and participation in solving problems associated with the ecosystem.
Knowledge they said is power, and is one of the basic factor that shall help reduce this negative impact through understanding of the total ecosystem and its importance to life and our responsibilities in tending it sustainably for future generation. When there is knowledge there is concern and concern leads to attitudinal change of which Skills will be developed in respect of issues in the ecosystem to create a befitting home for human survival. Knowledge of the status and distribution of many animals and plant species, especially in tropical countries is still very poor. So long as it remain so conservation measures will be less than adequate.and the impact of human action on ecosystem remain poorly understood. The amount and quality of biological monitoring and research should be increased so that each country can make the best possible decision when seeking to conserved it biological diversity.(Pauline Edet ph.d 2004)
She maintained that the world is suffering from a decline in Taxonomic and systematic expertise at the very moment that it most needed, there are also a number of new and improved survey and census techniques that are not being widely applied. This further reduces the effectiveness of conservation.
Participation is another major factor to look onto in solution solving towards the numerous issues that have been created by man in the ecosystem, appropriate actions to solve those problems won't be feasible if human folks refuse to partake wholly in it, Therefore we must participate actively in these activities because our lives and sustainability hangs on it. These and many more are factors needed to conserved and protect the ecosystem for sustainable living and for the survival of man.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Sep 2013 (#)

Good post, Hanson. We are moving away from nature as more drift to cities for a living. Pollution has increased manifold through burning fossil fuels. Most think of today to enjoy without a care of tomorrow. Knowledge is no use unless we act on it to benefit society. We need to move to the next level of consciousness without wasting more time. Sustainable living through clean energy is a good stepping stone - siva

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author avatar Hanson
14th Sep 2013 (#)

You right sir, my next post will unfold the magic. Thanks for your concern.

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author avatar Larry Carpenter
30th Sep 2013 (#)

Good Post, i like It very much.

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author avatar Hanson
30th Sep 2013 (#)

Thanks for your comment sir.

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