Effective Storage Devices for Photo Backups

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If you take lots of photos with your camera, photo backups will ensure that your photos are preserved if their originals are somehow lost. You could just back them up with a photography backup folder, but photos can have large file sizes. Another alternative is to backup your photos with external storage devices. These are a few of photo backup devices to note.

USB Flash Drives

The USB stick, or flash drive, has largely replaced the now antiquated floppy disk. These can be added via USB slots, and then you can copy photos and move the backups to the USB device. Currently USB Flash Drives of up to 256 gigabyte can be added, so you can backup plenty of photographs with these devices.


The DVD is another backup device for your photographs. With DVD rewritables you can add a number of photos or audio files. Software such as Picasa 3 include options to set up photography DVDs. However, their overall storage is somewhat more limited compared to the USB Flash Drives. If you require a larger backup storage device they could be a more suitable alternative. But if you have a larger number of DVD rewritables then you can still backup plenty of photos.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is a more portable tablet device. It supports a variety of Apple software, and also has its very own camera. Thus as you might expect it also has photography software packages such as iPhoto, and is suitable for photo backups. With up to 64 GB storage you can backup plenty of photos to the iPad. Of course, as it already has a camera it could be more suitable for keeping originals and backing them up on desktops.

Apple iPod

Another Apple device is that of the iPod which are portable media players. These also have file storage options, so can be a suitable device for backing up photos. There are a variety such as the iPod shuffle which has 2GB storage, and the iPod Classic with up to 164 GB.

External Hard Disk

External hard disks are those that are more portable. Thus they can be effective backup devices for your photos. Typically the external hard disk has a USB port and have plug and play support. In terms of size these disks are probably the best for photo backups. External hard disks can have up to 750 GB storage. But if you don't have a huge number of photos to backup other alternatives such as DVD, iPod shuffle or smaller USB sticks, may be more suitable.

With these storage devices you can backup your digital photos, and other documents. If you require additional storage for photo backups they should be effective. With their photography backup options you surely won't lose any photos.


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