Effects of pesticides on human health

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The threat pesticides pose to human health is particularly potent in the underdeveloped countries, where most serious exposure occurs. Indeed, pesticide poisoning is disconcertingly common in these countries, representing a major occupational hazard for farmers and their families.

Pesticides get accumulated in human body as they get easily dissolved in boy fats.

The high incidence of pesticide -related health problems in underdeveloped countries arises largely from improper handling, application, and storage practices. Three quarters of all pesticides are applied by hand or tractor with the operator close by. Though many pesticides are readily absorbed through the skin or lung, the use of protective equipment is rare, especially in the hot and humid conditions of Asia. Certain pesticides which do not disintegrate for long, enter human body through the food chain. These pesticides get accumulated in human body as they get easily dissolved in boy fats.

Moreover, children play work in fields treated with pesticides.

With little access to running water, many pesticide effected workers are enable to clean up. Pesticide -coated clothes enter the home and spread contamination to other family members. To make matter worse home mares frequently recycle pesticide containers to store drinking water and food. Children are particularly susceptible to pesticides, some of which are believed to impair brain functions. Moreover, children play work in fields treated with pesticides.

Effects are not confined to farm workers alone

There is substantial evidence that pesticides can cause health conditions such a cancer and other systematic dysfunctions. Many pesticides may suppress the human immune system, making exposed persons particularly undernourished children and young vulnerable to infectious agents. In addition, some compounds, even at low doses, disrupt human endocrine functions. These effects are not confined to farm workers alone. Residues in food and water extend the sphere of possible influence of pesticides to a much larger population.

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and Monsanto keeps on making these terrible things to the detriment of our good health and vitality...thank you for this page...

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