Eight Never Lost Riches

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There are riches you may lose in this way or that way. Those kind of riches life is temporary. On the other hand, there are some riches, you will never lose any way. These riches are forever. In any season, in any condition, you will never lose them. Let's find out what these riches are.....

Supreme Joy

This supreme joy is regardless of money, position, or luxuries. The supreme joy cannot be sold in any physical form or with any material riches. It is completely relating to spiritual emotions. You can get it with complete peace of mind and balancing the up and downs of life.

Self Joy

It is the joy of self content. It is quite relating to your heart felt happiness. It is gotten by attaining balance of mind and when you get satisfaction with what you have. It is only you can acquire by being self less and loving others like yourself.

Joy of Wisdom

Joy of Wisdom known boundless. It is the most joyful thing in the world. If you have the quest for wisdom that joy is not indescribeable. Joy of Wisdom should bite all the people abd they in search of continuous getting for wisdom. It simply you can get by learning the education wisdom. Learn to find joy of wisdom.

Spiritual Joy

It is one kind of joy. It is beyond anything else. It should be acquired by getting solely neditation and spiritual activities. It says only one thing that the most abd highly acquired joy in the world. You can get it alone renouncing the worldly possessions. This kind of spiritual joy makes yoy the supreme person and a unique being.

Joy of Past

It is different kind. Most per cent of people are getting this kind of joy to make their lives happy. You can get the joy of past when you did something unforgettable and memorable things of your past life. It is only the joy of your past. Only will be gotten by the joy of your past memories. They should have been sweet memories. This joy of past will be gotten byrecollections.

Joy of Five Senses

It is very important for you. Nature has given us so many joys to get through five senses which were given to us by God. Smell sweet fragrance of nature and get its joy of smelling. Look at the colourful nature with your eyes. Enjoy nature colourful nature visualizations. Taste all kinds of tastes in the world with your relishing tongue like taste of sweet meats, spice from chicken , cool from icecream, and so many to relish the joy of taste. Listen to all the sounds and melodies of nature with your rhythmic dance. Touch all the textures of nature with your skin and feel the relish of touch. It gives unforgettable and memorable material satisfaction for you.

Joy of Achievement

It is a natural joy. When you complete any task with satisfaction you can get it. It is the greatest joy of all. So, as often as possible try to acieve the things of your mundane activities with utter satisfaction. The joy of achievement ultimately makes you a great achiever. You can become a goal achiever. Develop this kind of joy of achievement.

Joy of Knowing Yourself

It is the greatest of all. If you have achieved the afore said seven joys , you can naturally get this kind of joy. In this world, all the things are easily understandable exept yourself. Knowing yourself completely makes you beyond ordinary human beings.


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27th Sep 2012 (#)

Hi! Koti. It is is good. I enjoyed your eight never lost riches

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