Electricity Conservation: An Innovative Mobile Solution

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Sometimes it is important o go outside the house for finding the solution for problems present in the house. An approach explained for electricity conservation.


In my previous article on Energy wastage and innovation needs, I talked about the issue of energy wastage. In this article, I will try to give my opinion on the possible way to solve such a problem. This article will try to create a solution by utilizing the weaknesses in people’s perception and inter-industry coordination like singing and mouse.

Post-paid Vs Pre-Paid

Several ways have been adopted to curb the energy wastage like higher pricing; motion activated lighting system and awareness campaigns. There is one strategy which I really thought should work and to my wonder I found that strategy have been implemented in certain nations around the globe like UK.
Electricity tariffs are post-paid in many countries like India. In such cases, user has to pay the bill of the energy he/she has consumed in the fixed period of time. In countries like UK, prepaid strategy has been employed in which the user has to pay the money and accordingly will get fixed electricity units. It depends on the user the time taken to consume those units.

Cell phone Logic

Based on my personal experience gained by the usage of mobile/cell phone, I have found that the amount of time spent on phone is more in case of post-paid as compared to prepaid. There could be various reasons behind it, but consistent outcome has been found among the people with whom I have interactions. This may be non-scientific and miniscule sample size, but it provides an indication that when tariffs are charged as prepaid people tend to use their resources more judiciously than when they pay the charges post resource utilization. It may not be a bad idea to implement prepaid charging of electricity to control the wastage of electricity. Further, successful implementation of such models in certain countries like UK can provide a road-map to others.


It is an interesting behavior and the possible reason could be:
1. The people are lazy to do repetitive recharging in a month so if they have some money and days left, they may become careful user.
2. People are more conscious to the decreasing balance rather than to the increasing cost. As in case of prepaid, the units allocated to them creates a feeling of owning a fixed amount of resource, which is not the case in post-paid. As a result, they may want to prolong the utilization time of their resource.


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