Eleven Essential Steps to Creating a Successful Blog.

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Eleven essential steps to consider when writing any blog including how to create a custom header, important factors to consider when choosing a layout and what to do to gain more readers.

Eleven Essential Steps to Creating a Successful Blog.

Eleven essential steps to consider when writing any blog to increase readers, and the amount of time readers spend on your blog. And what to do if your readers are immediately leaving your site.

1. Topic

First off you need to choose a topic in which you wish to write about, something you are fairly knowledgeable in and that others will be interested to read. It's also better if you concentrate on one area if you wish to write about recipes and technology which are mostly unrelated I would recommend writing two separate blogs. For instance on my blog 101 Things to Do... I list things to do in various cities, and for holidays.

2. Choosing a Blogging Platform

It's important to choose you're platform. The two major competing free blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger. You can find an article comparing all their advantages and disadvantages linked at the bottom, although these are not the only options you may wish to use paid webhosting.

3. Templates

Templates - If you use wordpress or blogger you are given a lot of options to choose from so choose your favourite one and one that relates to your blog. If you cannot find a template you like you can also find a lot of free blog backgrounds and templates offered for free. You can also adjust the layout by putting the sidebar on the right or left or removing it.

4. Colours

When choosing your template consider the available colours as you will want to keep your blog text, buttons, headers, etc. within the same colour tones.

5. Blog Title

Choose a blog title that is simple but conveys what you're blog is about, if your title isn't self explanatory you may write a blog description underneath.

6. Blog Header

You may change the colour and text of your blog title but I recommend making a blog header image. I am not that talented at graphic design so therefore I just customize a free blog header I found offered on a fellow bloggers site. If you simply Google (or peruse Pinterest) you will find lots of aesthetically pleasing headers you can use and coordinate with your blogs colours.

7. Statistics

Yes both Blogger and Wordpress offer you daily statistics on your site but I highly recommend you use Google analytics a free Google service with much more detailed and focused stats. For instance my blog lists 101 things to do in Canadian and American cities and I like to look at which cities my highest traffic comes from.

Also it's very useful to check out how long people are on your blog for if the time is really low then their is something in your readers initial view of your blog that they don't like and maybe you should try changing your colours, template, header, advertisements, etc. I have seen an in increase in time spent on my blog after changing my colours from dark brown to pastels and creating a custom header.

8. Plug-ins

There are so many plug-in you can add to your blog to make it more functional or to entice customers to stay or buy products from your log. The list is way to extensive to list here so I will post a list of my favourite plug ins shortly.

9. 'About Us' Section

It's important to write an 'About Us' section and include a thumbnail, readers like to feel connected to the blogs author and I feel it's also necessary to provide a way to contact you if anyone wants to sponsor your blog or has a specific question, I set up a separate hotmail account for this purpose.

10. Promotion

Although listed second last promotion is an essential component to gaining readers, there are several methods of promotion some which will work better for some than others. Personally I have had the most success with Pinterest (see post to follow) but others also claim social network sites such as facebook and twitter have been helpful for them although I have seen only very mild traffic from Twitter. You also need to take time when tagging your post - see following link for tips on SEO.

11. Advertisements

If one of your main goals in creating a blog is to make some extra income then you will need to compare the various sites offered as well as which one works best for your site - I am currently comparing a few sites and will post soon on which I find are the best.

Comments and Links...

And don't forget if your content is not well written and interesting readers will not stay or return to your blog no matter how visually pleasing or well promoted it is.

Please let me know if I left out anything you think should be on the list and check out my blog 101 Thing's to Do...

My Continued Learning of SEO

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Useful share, KristenAnne, thanks for the tips - siva

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good valuable tips and suggestions. thanks for the share.

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