Emergency Preparedness in the Event of Power Line Contact

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Know the emergency tip in an event of power line down hitting your vehicle. This emergency preparedness response might save your life.

What to do if inside the vehicle

Power lines can be brought down in a number of situations, including storms, trees, and motor vehicle accidents. Even if the power line does not come down, if it is in contact with a tree, vehicle, or mobile equipment, the ground will be energized and so will the tree, vehicle, or equipment. Therefore, if electrical contact is made, stay in the vehicle or mobile equipment if it is safe to do so. You are relatively safe inside your vehicle as long as you do not touch or step onto.

How to escape safely when trapped inside the vehicle

If escaping would be the only chance and help is not available, remember this advice in order for you to get out that vehicle safely: First and foremost, stay calm, panicking will make it worst. In any life threatening situations, people get killed by simply neglecting this very simple idea. Second, keep both feet together and hands by your side and make a short jump from your vehicle. As much as possible, do not touch any parts of the vehicles with your bare hand. Third, the goal is to ensure that your entire body clears the vehicle and that you land on your feet without stumbling. And lastly, do not allow any part of your body to touch the vehicle while you are touching the ground. And keep away from the downed line as quickly as you can.

Safety Rescue Operation Procedure

When someone is trapped on their vehicle (in contact with a downed power line) and help is not around, common bystanders may tempt to help. But helping will become a bad idea if the helper/rescuer does not know the basic safety precautions surrounding it. The best thing you can do is to keep the victim stay calm until help arrives. The main role of rescuers near downed power lines or energized equipment is to stop people from getting hurt. I have made a list of some recommended safe work practices followed by safety rescuers while performing a rescue operation:
a) Treat downed lines and anything in contact with a power line as energized. Contrary to what we seen on movies, energized wires seldom leap about and give off sparks, so you have no way of knowing whether or not they are energized. Even if the line is not energized, automatic switching equipment may restore power to the line without warning.
b) Park well clear. When you arrive at the scene, park your vehicle well away from any downed lines. At night, shine a flashlight through the window to make sure you are not parked anywhere near a downed power line.
c) Stop traffic and keep people clear. Workers on foot or in vehicles may not see lines that are lying on the ground. Remember, the ground surrounding a downed line will be energized.
d) If a live wire comes in contact with a vehicle, or anything else, that object becomes energized, too.
e) Secure the area and keep everyone back at leased 10 meters (33 ft.), more if the voltage is over 60 kV (60,000).
f) Don’t let yourself become a victim. Regardless of how badly someone is injured, you cannot help if you are electrocuted.
g) Never touch anything that is in contact with a downed power line, including injured or trapped victims, puddles, vehicles, or tress.
h) Do not use a dry stick or piece of rope or hose as they will not offer any protection at all to both the rescuer and the victim.
i) Do not enter an area that might be energized .Call the owner of the power system (or other local emergency number). A crew with proper training and equipment will arrive as soon as possible.
j) Accept confirmation that the system has been de-energized and is safe only from a representative of the power system who is on-site.

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