Endless List of Coconut Based Products

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The coconut tree is often called the tree of life due to its endless list of products that we can get from it. Let me have some of its many uses from roots up to its leaves.

1. Coconut roots & trunks.

Medicine, beverages and dye stuff are obtained from the coconut roots. Out of its trunk, hardy and durable wood is obtained to make benches, tables, carvings, picture frames, tables, tool boxes and construction materials among many others. Paper pulp can also be extracted from the coconut trunk and other woody parts of the tree.

2. Coconut husk

The abundance of coconut husk’ fiber provides a stable supply for cottage industries that make brushes, doormats, carpets, bags, ropes, yarn fishing nets and mattresses.

3. Coconut shell

Coconut shell produces the core of the most saleable household products and fashion accessories, such as shell necklaces, shell bags, cigarette boxes, shell ladles, buttons, lamp shades, fruit and ash trays, guitars, placemats, coffee pots, sups, wind chimes and others.

4. Coconut fruit

Young coconut meat is often use for salad, sweets and pastries. A mature coconut fruit is also used for making special dishes. The “sport fruit” of the coconut is considered a delightful delicacy and largely used for making preserves and ice cream.

5. Coconut Meat

From the coconut meat, we can get coco flour, which can be used as wheat extender in baking products. Coconut meat can also be used to make desiccated coconut. Coconut milk which we get when we extract coconut meat is used many dishes and is a good source of protein. Coconut meat is also used to make chips, candies copra and animal feeds.

6. Coconut oil

Coconut oil retards aging. It counteracts heart, colon, pancreatic and liver tumor inducers. It is easy to digest. Coconut oil is also now used in the detergent industry. Other products from coco oil are soap, lard, coco chemicals, crude oil, pomade, shampoo, margarine, butter and cooking oil.

7. Coconut water

Uses of coconut water include making coconut water vinegar, coconut wine, and in the production of chewy, fiber rich “nata”, which is good as a dessert and as a laxative, as a growth factor and as a substitute for dextrose.

8. Coconut pitch

Can be used to make coco pickles, helmets, caps, wooden shoe straps, hand bags, fans, and picture and house décor like lamp shades.

9. Inflorescence

Out of the bud of the coconut tree’s inflorescence is a juice called coconut toddy. The fermented coconut toddy is used as a fresh beverage, for producing alcoholic beverages and vinegar, for making sugar, and as a source of yeast for making bread.

10. Coconut leaves

Coconut leaves produce good quality paper pulp, midrib brooms, hats and mats, fruit trays, waste baskets, fans, beautiful midrib decors, lamp shades, placemats, bags and utility roof materials.


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author avatar Denise O
19th Nov 2010 (#)

Nice article. I liked it.
When ever I see coconuts,
it always brings me back
to the time we lived in
Guam, back in the 70's.
I just loved that place.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Adelaida
7th Apr 2015 (#)

do you know a certain way wherein I could learn on how to make coconut biproducts just like making it into fibers for clothing purposes, also for agriculture consumption product.

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author avatar LAWRENCE SMITH
30th Mar 2016 (#)

I live with plantations of coconuts,which are not being fully utilized.Am seeking for ways you are writing about here.
Very informative.

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author avatar LAWRENCE SMITH
30th Mar 2016 (#)

I live with plantations of coconuts,which are not being fully utilized.Am seeking for ways you are writing about here.
Very informative.

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author avatar Mike
10th Mar 2017 (#)

Hello I wanted to add a very interesting and important product. Sodium Palmate which is Lye. By burning the leaves into ash then mixing with water then straining you get the coconut version of sodium hydroxide. Which is so much better for your skin. Now you can make soap using the addition of coconut oil which is a natural fat, this will create a chemical reaction thus becoming soap. Theoretically if you were stuck on a deserted island and you wanted to be a little more civilized and smell good, with practice, patience, and hard work you could pull it off. You'd have to desalinate the water then a nice touch of salt back to the bars of soap with some ground coconut would be a nice touch.

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author avatar Ofori Emmanuel
15th Jun 2017 (#)

This is a very niece piece. i just love it. Thank you.

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author avatar Vivian Nwokedi
19th Jul 2017 (#)

Am abt to start coconut processing factory and will love to add other thing I got from here. Where do I get d machines and affordable. Am from Nigeria. Pls send me an email on how I can get machines and if possible partnership with anyone that is interested from another country.

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