Enjoy Smart PC Tips: A-Z Windows Key Commands

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The Computer age is fast changing with great possibilities and easy abilities to control and command mobiles and the general PCs. The A-Z Windows Key Commands reveals the general ‘Windows key’ commands you will use to work with your PC running on Windows Operating System.

Enjoy Smart PC Tips: A-Z Windows Key Commands

Windows Key is designed to cut short time of executing most Windows commands. The A-Z Windows Key Commands’ result was a thorough research from the Windows Operating System source files up to the latest Windows 7. The techniques revealed here will work better for Windows mobiles and wireless enabled Windows while few of the A-Z Windows key commands run on desktop computers and the general personal computer. All these will be perfectly deliberated as we unravel the whole Windows Key Secrets.

Note: Pressing only the Windows Key prompts the start button to explore programs in your computer. The alphabetic key combinations (A-Z) with the Windows key are pressed the same time to see the instant result(s).

Win + A
This prompts you to select icon with the first letter ‘A’ on the Desktop. E.g. Icon with Name ‘Adobe’ is selected when Win + A is altered. The user can now use the arrow keys (Up, Down, Left and Right) to select the rest of the icon(s) you would like to explore.

Win + B
This simply alters Show/ Hide Desktop Icons located at the Taskbar. They are as follows: Date and Time Display and Setting, Network Place, Sound Volume, Battery Plan (for mobiles).

Win + C
We are yet to have an answer to it in later advancement.

Win + D
This will cause the Window(s) to Minimize. When pressed the second time, the minimized window(s) is or are restored or maximized.

Win + E
Windows Explorer is opened with this operation. Windows Explorer contains the Drives and Desktop main features on your Personal Computer.

Win + F
This will help you (the user) perform search for results on all folders, E-mails, Documents, Pictures, Music and others.

Win + G
This will help you select features of the PC sidebars on the desktop. E.g. the Clock for time and the News feeds.

Win + H, I, J
No function yet for H, I and J

Win + K
This does the same function as when you press Win + A. The desktop icon bearing K as the first letter is selected.

Win + L
This is a more fascinating key combination. It will simply lock your PC against intruders and especially when you PC is password enabled. To unlock your PC, press the ENTER key (i.e. for a single username), enter the user password and re-press ENTER key to launch you to the desktop environment.

Win + M, N, O, Q and P
They have no effect with Windows yet.

Win + R
This will alter Windows Run Command. When the ‘Run’ dialog box opens, browse for the program you may wish to run and then click OK or press the ENTER key to execute the command.

Win + S
See similar functions as in ‘Win + A’ and ‘Win + K’.

Win + T
This will select the tab of previously opened and currently running windows. Press once and press the ENTER key to launch the selected window. If your selected tab is in group in the case of explorers and folder, press the ENTER key and then use the arrow UP or DOWN keys to choose the window you may wish to explore.

Win + U
The combination will launch the ‘Change Administrative Setting’ window. Here the user chooses among the four options that makes the computer easy to use. The options are like Start Magnifier, Start Narrator, Start On-Screen Keyboard and Set up High Contrast.

Win + V
Combination with V is not defined.

Win + W
See similar function with ‘Win + S’

Win + X
This opens the ‘Windows Mobility Centre’ dialog box. This is usually incorporated with mobile devices.

Win Y and Z
No commands yet.

With all these 14 active Windows key combination at your finger tips, you are sure of excelling in fast and concise computing and feel more confident using you personal computer. Thanks for the share!

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