Enjoy a club sandwich with vegetable mix dressing.

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This triangular in shape sandwich can add healthy snack for your parties, aside secondary course for your supper or dinner. People call it club sandwich and contain few ingredients that are easy to prepare. The following describes what it makes a club sandwich.

Enjoy a club sandwich with vegetable mix dressing.

• Grilled or barbecued chicken breast slices
• 6 thinly sliced avocado
• 8 pieces of thinly sliced tomatoes
• 1 large fried salted and peppered egg
• 1 small bowl of Mayonnaise with shredded romaine lettuce mix
• 4 slices of Whole-wheat bread
1. Cut the whole wheat bread diagonally, running from the pointed side and exiting to the other side.
2. Spread each slice with mixed mayo and romaine lettuce.
3. Cut the sides of avocado pear in half and gently remove the center large seed.
4. While holding the avocado half in your palm, gently, cut through the edges to loosen the avocado flesh. And then gently slice the avocado until you made a thinly sliced avocado slice which looks like thin wedges.
5. When all slices have it spread, then place on 1 slice of fried egg and then top up with tomato slices
6. Get the other slices and top up with chicken breast and avocado slices.
7. Stack up the two slices with their fillings you made before, skewer them and slice them diagonally, running from the edge to the other one. Holed and slice them carefully to avoid the fillings from falling off sideways.
8. Afterwards, separate them, and assemble the two slices in a plate. Place the first sandwich flat on the plate and lean the second the sandwich against the first sandwich.
9. Garnish with mixed vegetable such as watercress, sweet pepper shreds, parsley and shredded lettuce.
10. Drizzle the mixed vegetable with balsamic glaze or mustard dressing.
11. You can opt to remove the sides of bread slices.

• You can opt to remove the bread sides
• Choose wholewheat for healthy bread choice
• Those chicken breast slices are cooked already before making the sandwiches
• For vegetarian or vegans, replace chicken and egg with mock meat, available in vegetarian stores.
• Many variations of club sandwich exist, and you can change or modify the bread, the mayo spread and the fillings. For example, replace the mayo with mustard dressing and add diced ham instead or replace chicken with low fat natural turkey bacon as opposed to high sodium and fat pork bacon.
• Balsamic dressing is made from balsamic vinegar – an aged vinegar made from cooked and reduced grape juice.


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