Enlighten your meals with a healthy and sweet and sour Arugula salad

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Are you looking for healthy and sweet and sour tasting salad? Then why not try this rocket or arugula lettuce salad. It's a healthy treat as a starter or side dish with your main course. Whether you are sipping a hot tea or eating your favorite carbonara pasta, rocket lettuce salad will add more nutrition in your diet.

Enlighten your meals with a healthy and sweet and sour Arugula salad

By the way, rocket lettuce or arugula is an edible leafy vegetable plant. It grows to no more than a few meters. In the United States and United Kingdom its popularly called Rocket – which of course have nothing to do with the rocket flown by NASA, but it's derived from the word French word Roquette which is also from the Latin word euruca. Rocket lettuce is an angiosperm or flowering and fruit bearing plants with scientific name euraca sativa and has small circular white flowers. It's popular as a side vegetable or salad in Mediterranean cuisine such as Portuguese, Egyptian and Greek, the salad is also widely consumed in restaurants across the middle eastern Arab countries.
Rocket lettuce salad has a strong peppery taste. The salad is a perfect combination with other condiments, cheese and sauces. Here is the recipe which you can make yourself easily with few ingredients and preparation.
• 2 handful rocket lettuce leaves, washed and drained of excess water, with its lower stalks removed
• A bottle of balsamic vinegar
• Balsamic vinegar glaze
• 6 pieces of mozzarella cheese, halved.
• 5 pieces cherry tomatoes
• Salt and pepper
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Pine nuts
• Thyme leaves
1. Place the 2 handfuls of washed rocket lettuce leaves in a stainless steel or aluminium bowl.
2. Drizzle the leaves with balsamic vinegar and olive oil until coating all the leaves
3. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper
4. Mix with halves of 5 pieces cherry tomatoes
5. Add those small pine nuts, sprinkle with crushed and dried thyme leaves
6. Gently arrange those salad mixture in a deep plate, bowl, garnish with baby mozzarella or arrange the small halves of cheese in a circular pattern over the heap of rocket leaves.
7. Decorate the top with balsamic glaze, by drizzling in lengthwise pattern.
8. Enjoy your sweet and sour tasting rocket lettuce.

• Baby mozzarella cheese is small spherical shaped cheese. With almost no taste, but with a hint of milk and water, baby mozzarella is a small version of buffalo mozzarella. Pizza makers often use mozzarella as a topping or edible glue for holding vegetable and meat garnishes. Cheese makers sold mozzarella cheese in a brine and can be kept for a month refrigerated.
• Pine nuts are the seeds of pine trees that resembles a small teardrop. They have a taste of mild nutty taste similar to macadamia nuts and contains oil.
• If you have been in fine dining restaurant and salad bars, you might have used balsamic vinegars as a side dressing sauce. It's simply a cooked grape juice and aged in oak barrels just like in the winery. Culinary uses are condiments for shrimp, salads and as an ingredient for balsamic glaze.
• Balsamic glaze is a cooked and reduced mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar – I'll discuss the recipe in my next articles.

Finally bon appetite, and stay tuned for my next recipes and may you have a nutritious meal.

• I did not mention the approximate quantity measurements for balsamic vinegar and rocket lettuce since it may differ upon your requirements and availablity of ingredients. When we say handful it means your hand is full of those leaves until one or more leaf protrudes outside your fingers.
• Currently, I have no photos of the salad and it may differ from the recipe mentioned.
• Photo attached is of public domain from pixabay.com, from which we can use freely without risking copyright issues. The website is a very generous one and I encourage those using it to donate any amount you can afford.


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