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I remember Billy Joel's song "We Didn't Start The Fire". It mentioned popular culture in the twentieth century like a laundry list, a really bad laundry list. I hope I can do a better job in this article to present an alternative way of looking at life. I think you already are starting to get the point of this article, so enough said in the summary, let's get started.

I've had enough, but since I have to take more, I will take it to task.

Shootings, bombings, potential race riots, bad news, reality shows, unreal happenings in real life, where does all the ridiculousness end. My answer is that it ends with your inner peace. Let me break that down: You must create your inner peace from your own realistic mental and spiritual sanctuary. That is where it starts, that is where it ends. There is nowhere else to go with this because our task is to be sane in the insanity, if you get my meaning.

Sure, I could say that reality is all the crap outside of us, but, our perception of reality is what counts more, spiritual and physical.

"The internal locus of control" as any genuine classroom psychologist would call it, is where it is at. When you control yourself, it really does start there. We must work our reality to the way we want it personally, not let outside influences have the day, hour or (the worst of all) all times. We must be the best for ourselves in other words, before we can expect the best out of life.

Even a politician like Abraham Lincoln said that we are as happy as we make up our minds to be. If a depressing, depressed man who has lost a lot in life (and an undiagnosed manic depressive/bi-polar personality before the diagnostic criteria were invented) can say that, you know something is wrong with an "external locus of control" where you really are controlled by outer events and influences. I have to agree with that, we are as happy and working right as we make up our minds to be.

I keep a personal life events chart of how my days go with ratings from one to ten, I always put a positive or plus ten (+10) whatever I am feeling, because I know I am as happy as I make up my mind to be, and nobody else controls that happiness, not even an earthquake or a stomach ache. Get it? The internal locus of control as I call it above is the real controlling factor in life and existence, not anything outside or external locus of control. I do not say that bad things do not happen, but, we can choose how they affect us genuinely. For example, when I say in the title of this section, "I've had enough, but since I have to take more , I will take it to task ." Real life begins when we take this "unorthodox" viewpoint. Real life ends when we genuinely relinquish control.

The only way to fly.

We must direct ourselves. Even when we get a little off the path, we must know where we want to go ultimately like a plane that ultimately gets to its destination, no matter what external conditions or consistently small course changes must be made to get there on time and on course. With that said, what if we let things that are bad outside of us affect us to much, and let everything be put off course fully and never take control of ourselves, and always listen to the media and everything outside of ourselves? Nothing would get done, nothing would be realistically achieved, and life would be like an unmade bed. Undone fully.

I have just defined the genuine insanity of the external focus of the current culture seemingly swirling around. Now for a definition of what matters, the preceding does not matter.

Now, when we take control of ourselves, and live real, sane, peaceful lives under our control, what happens? We do not have stupid urges to get on the news, or do stupid things like killing and destroying to draw attention to ourselves. In fact, we are the most genuinely normal, happy and surviving of people instead of destructive, attention seeking externally driven idiots looking for fulfillment and attention from others at any cost.

Personally, no matter what I am internally driven. I am not perfect, but I am internally driven in every way, right down to not seeking negative attention, and giving myself the full love and self-esteem I deserve from myself always. Even when I make a mistake or have a virtue. The only way to fly.

The Most Powerful Way To Live

Genuinely backed intention is the most powerful way to live. But, that is too short an explanation for the sake of reality and it is too short to be published as part of this article, so I will explain in length what I mean by "Genuinely backed intention is the most powerful way to live":

Think: Life and existence are as good as we make it through our God-given free will, yet too many conform or get weak at key moments, and one person doing that is too many in reality let alone a whole lot of people. Without intention genuinely backed by action and follow-through, too many people end up "nothing". How "the few" end up "everything" is through genuinely backed intention that does not conform to the word "quit" or "impossible". Napoleon Hill, and many others knew this "secret reality", and this reality is so simple that most do not share it easily. It just seems too simple.

I remember my Dad gave me this secret before he died in the form of the saying, "you either do it or you do not do it." Also, you are probably asking the question now, what does this have to do with this guide on celebrities and stuff like that. Well, I will tell you the genuine secret behind what makes a celebrity or "prominent personality".

The secret behind becoming "one of the big ones" is you use genuinely backed intention to impress others instead of genuinely prospering yourself. Personally, I think this is the wrong way to use genuinely backed intention, but since you want some "big secret" you have been searching for, I humbly tender that one to you. For, in my reality, the best way to use genuinely backed intention is to please yourself and enhance your own reality, not impress others with lavish display or convince others that you are "great". Look, be genuinely great for yourself and all else will be genuinely added to your life. Need I mince more words?

Think about reality or Sometimes, you must get resourceful with the inner tests

Recently, I was looking for the above "mood chart" to print on my pocket flash drives. I had to come to wikinut.com to print the file, because when I formatted my flash drives, I forgot to put the file back on. So, I printed "an emergency copy" from the library as I forgot to do it at home for next month as this part of the article is being written at the end of November, 2017, actually November 30th, 2017.

So, as I was preparing the document for print, I had this thought: No matter how "good" anyone has it, right down to actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Windsor, there will be tests, big tests. If you or anyone fail those tests of resourcefulness, nothing may seem to happen or consequences will not seem to be forthcoming after the mistake, but, something always happens in the subconscious mind that bubbles up in a big way into conscious reality. Indeed, consequences in this sense may not be immediate, but they are automatically definite. Whether it is as small as a basic, small feeling about failing or a whole definitely bad day. My point is that there are consequences for not genuinely getting things done right in your own genuine estimation. That is the test and consequence all in one.

Recently, I was faced with this reality when my whole day was seeming to go wrong (yesterday). I realized the above truth, and realized the realistic my fault or "philosophical mea culpa" of it all. From that perspective, although things "continued to go wrong in a way", they were better already. Once those self-tests were passed, I was cool or alright with it all, no matter went wrong. You know, in life, that is how we are our own obstacle courses, our own road blocks, our own Gods and Devils, and all of the rest of it. Indeed, if we want good, we have to be good, and steady to our goal, no matter what may come. Recently, I read inventor Joy Mangano's autobiography, and realized inadvertently the full import of the truth I am offering here. Professional inventors "fail all the time", but those few and precious successes they have is what makes them legends. She failed in her first few attempts at revolutionizing the floor mop, but applied the principle I am writing about and her ultimate successes were bigger than her failures could have ever been. I understand and with that understanding, I will endeavor to pass the inner tests.

So, I call you to think about reality. I call you to think about what real success is for you. Nobody can genuinely define success and failure for you, except for you. That is the ultimate inner test that must be passed within and without you. Well, I minced more words for your reading. Let me make a final three-word suggestion in this section: Do something productive!


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author avatar Retired
24th Jun 2015 (#)

In this world we live in, we must always try to become positive. I admire your thoughts.

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author avatar LivelyAurora
25th Jun 2015 (#)

You do have a strong will, as I can tell. The only way to really end chaos is that we all start making peace with everyone else. I do wish that everyone would agree with that idea, but some really don't. Soon enough, the insane will easily kill themselves off, leaving the peaceful alive.

The problem is, money, land, and possessions are the true problems in this world. Africa needs tons of donations to get everyone there well-fed. People are fighting over land by destroying that land. People are taking people's houses to gain the oil from it, then get rich off the oil. Afterwards, they will pitch in some money to the family that lived there.

And with possessions, if you have a huge government vs a small one, you have a good chance of taking out that small government. It really does sucks that we have developed nuclear technology, and that means that there is a chance that there will be a WWIII. Your best bet is probably to move to an island in the middle of the ocean to avoid the chaos. (Hawaii, maybe?)

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author avatar JoshuaClayton
26th Jun 2015 (#)

I'm glad I could spark such lively discussion. :)

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