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My goal in this article is to show you, those mistakes can by losing all their hard effort to promote your blog or company store etc. the slant on social networks profiles or pages, becomes in vain fault of primary errors.

Social Networks

Social networks are every day being most used by traditional digital entrepreneurs and also traditional in search of the increase in the number of customers, and the digital number of hits on their websites, so it's always a good idea to use social networks as a means of disclosure, because their efficiency for this already proven.

However it is important that you know that in social networks, for you to achieve your goal is to promote your product, service, website, etc. as well as in the real world where there are rules of etiquette that apply to life in society, in the virtual environment of social networks also have rules of etiquette that should be followed to skittish by you as long as user.

In this post I will explain to you what are the main errors that should never commit, when managing a profile or page, which has the ultimate goal to promote your blog / website or any product or service, otherwise you can make a big damage the image of what is behind your brand.

Make no mistake the regularities of updates to your profile

The recommended that you update your profile or page on social media at least once a day so that you always have some new and useful content to offer its followers, more careful with the excesses, because if you do dozens of updates every day, this can cause the same effect as if the contrary Leave the outdated profile, which also affect the outcome of the forthcoming publications.

Not having a plan of action for social networks

If you're serious about the result of its disclosure, you can not fail to have a specific marketing plan for social networks, which you must have from the beginning, in the marketing plan basically you should set a goal and a deadline for achieve it,

Made it will be necessary to fit their strategies to achieve the goal by acting in this way will optimize the time (and money) invested to achieve your goals, Because otherwise if you do not have a marketing plan for social networks is almost certain that will only waste your time.

Not respond to comments

Do not pay attention to what people are saying in the comments especially negative on the profile or content, your blog, company or organization on the social networks, is a mistake, because the reviews even the negative, are useful for you to know the opinion or doubts that users have on your blog or business and improve your weaknesses.

It is also important you respond to comments, (whenever possible), especially the negative, because if you do not, will demonstrate an indifference with respect to the opinion of his followers / fans, which harms both image of your business, as not paying attention to what people are saying about it.

Do not practice spam

Even if social media can be used as a marketing tool and / or to make money, you need to be moderate when post links to their articles or some new product and etc. because if you do it in an indiscriminate way, you will be seen as a boring that only knows how to make spam losing followers / fans with that.

To avoid this, the ideal is that you always put a link yours, each or more publications else that is in any way connected your niche, and interesting for people accompanying the profile in social media.

Do not post inappropriate content

If you are managing a corporate profile or some other type of organization a website etc. a profile of this type you should always be careful not to confuse personal profile with professional and publishing inappropriate content, which may be understood as all that content that has nothing to do with the central focus of your organization or company site!

An example is if you have a marketing company in general, from sports marketing, through e-mail marketing, and going to the multilevel marketing, in her the ideal profile is only publish what is bound to marketing, for example , tips on how to increase the conversion rate of E-mails, is something that is linked to the company's focus.

On the other hand if you like profile administrator and publish a photo of yourself, giving goodnight to all followers of the profile and saying that goes to bed to sleep (which is a very common mistake!), This is an inappropriate content to a profile that has a professional nature, such as the profile of a brand that can be behind, as I said a company, a store, a website etc.

Do not forget to analyze the statistics

As well as on the websites, the statistics of the profiles in your blog Empesa shop etc. accuracy of monitoring, For you know the result, that their work (in each of the social networks where you created a profile) is bringing.

You need whatever your business model, using tools to track results on social networks, and fortunately there is already very efficient tools, so you know how many people are clicking on your links if they are making comments about the profile and content published etc.

With this information, you can find out if reached your goals or not, and assess whether a particular strategy is working well, or should be amended or even replaced.

Never give up

It is important to make it clear that you should not have very high expectations in the short term because you will not have a crowd of people around your profile, from night to day as this is a process that could drag on for months or even years. So you must be persistent to continue publishing good content regularly and interacting with his fans.


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