Escaping Death Three Times

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No one never knows when they will pass away however, sometimes people do get feelings that help them to avoid a premature death.


My uncle Ronnie was not expected to live. He was to die before the age of two years old or so the doctors said. In 1936, medical “knowhow” was left to be desired and it did not help that my uncle and my grandmother lived in a ghetto community either.

But my grandmother did not give up. She was convinced that her baby son would not die. He was severely underweight and could not keep down any food. After seeing doctor upon doctor to be told the same sad tale, my grandmother took her young son's life into her own hands. She sought the wisdom of "the old people" and she tried every home remedy that she could find. The result was that she saved Ronnie's life by feeding him catnip. He had a huge blockage in his esophagus and the catnip brought it up and saved him. That was the first of three occasions where Ronnie was destined to die, yet escaped the grim reaper each time.

Drag racing

When Ronnie was 17 he loved fast cars. It was a very common occurrence to see the teens dragging down the neighbourhood streets until the police came after them. It was all in great fun and nobody ever got hurt. Well at 17 what else would you expect a young boy to think? My grandmother was totally against this practice but being a single parent she was quite powerless to do anything about it. He wouldn't listen to her.

The boys had these crazy races no less than 15 times that summer and they were planning one last one before the summer ended. At least they had sense enough not to try these escapades in the dead of winter on slippery roads. This one was to be the "piece de resistance." It was going to be a drag race with several cars involved and the winner would actually take home a trophy. They were going to hold the event just on the outskirts of town. Ronnie and his two buddies had been preparing their car all summer. When the guys got together that was all they ever talked about.

However, you see it really was a big deal because the two young men never won the trophy that infamous day. They lost control of their car, landed in a ditch, and both were killed instantly. Ronnie could never explain why he did not feel like going to the biggest drag race of the season but he thanked God that he didn't.

The last escape from death

The last occurrence happened when Ronnie was 27 years old. He was still single and lived with his mother. Every Sunday morning he would leave the house at 4 am to go fishing with two other friends. They had been doing this now for the last three years.

My grandmother always begged him not to go. She had a morbid fear of the water. At the age of 8 she almost drowned in front of family and friends while she was acting the fool. When she cried out for help they thought she was faking it but this time she wasn't. She had gone under the water twice and her lungs filled with water on the third dip. The last she could remember before she was rescued was a buzzing sound, which she claimed was the sound of angels calling her home. Later in her 30's she had to stop going boating with her husband because she kept hearing the moaning of the dead all around her in the water.

Ronnie did not pay much attention to her when she asked him not to go boating. He heard her stories all his life and chocked it up to phobias, or paranoia, nothing to do with him. He was not about to give into her "hysteria."

On one particular Sunday she actually fought with him over it. They argued about it and that was something they never did. Previously she would let him know that she felt uncomfortable about his fishing but would still get him up in time to go.

This particular Sunday she sat at the table and argued with him and then pleaded with him not to go even if it meant just this one time. She told him she had a bad feeling. Finally after arguing with his mom for about 20 minutes, when the guys came to the door to pick him up he sent his mom to tell them that he was not feeling well and was going back to bed. In reality he had enough arguing and that had ruined the day for him. He did go back to bed that day and slept the sleep of angels.

It was one of the best sleeps he said he ever had. His two friends also slept the sleep of angels for they lost their lives that very day when the boat capsized in the middle of the river. Neither of the guys were swimmers. The current was swift and strong and they couldn't make it back to shore. Ronnie would have lost his life as well that day. It was one day that he was grateful that he had listened to his mother; morbid fear and all.

All photos taken from the public domain

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
7th Jun 2015 (#)

When your number is up you got to go. Sometimes the Angel of Death tosses you back although it is time to go as you are a pain in the neck to the heavens and need to iron out the quirks and kinks of your life being before being accepted in permanently for a lifetime.
So don't worry, the next one hopefully will be it, if he has learnt his lesson that is or Azrael is quite good at tossing your soul back into the body.

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author avatar Carol Roach
8th Jun 2015 (#)

He is deceased now

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author avatar spirited
8th Jun 2015 (#)

Three times lucky.

Is he still alive today, he would be around eighty now, I guess?

Amazing story Carol.

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author avatar Shamarie
8th Jun 2015 (#)

Wow, what a post! Thanks for sharing, Carol!

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