Essential Shopping List for Your New Cat

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Things you should have on your shopping list before your new feline friend enters your house.

Shop Beforehand

Ideally, when shopping for items for your new cat, you should acquire them before the cat comes into your house. This shopping list is fairly simple and filled with easy items.

Litter Box

The first item is very important: the litter pan. While there are many types available, you should start out with a basic one first. It needs to be large enough for the cat to be comfortable in it. Don't try to skimp by buying a smaller one; you may end up having to pay in time and effort of having to continually clean up. Either because there is litter all over the floor, or the cat is too large and what is supposed to end up in the litter ends up on your floor instead.

The reason for starting out with a basic, inexpensive one is simply that cats have different personalities. Some may prefer privacy and want a covered one, but other cats may not want to go in through the opening to do their business.

By starting out this way you can see if your cat will use it. If the cat refuses to use the one that you buy after being shown where it is, then try buying different types. There are also self-cleaning ones, but some cats may be disturbed by the mechanics of it. Don't waste your money on something your cat won't use.

Cat Litter

A litter pan of course needs cat litter. There are now many types of cat litter available. If you are not sure what to buy, ask your veterinarian. If you get a new cat, a check up should be part of that experience anyway.

Cat Food

Of course you will need food for your new cat. It is a good idea to inquire what food the cat or kitten is used to before you acquire her; then buy that brand as sudden diet changes can upset kitty's stomach.

If you do not know, a quality dry food is best, such as Hills Science Diet or Iams. If your new cat is a kitten, make sure to buy kitten food. This is very important, as kitten food provides nutrients which adult food does not. If your new cat is mature, or has health issues, go with the type the vet recommends. Most cats love canned cat food, and you can also keep some cans on hand for an extra treat.

Scratching Utensils

A scratching utensil is a necessity as well. Much has been said about how cats are hard to "train" to use a clawing post. However, keep in mind that most clawing posts are simply not sturdy enough, and it's not bad behavior on the cat's part if it refuses to use a post. A sturdy piece of cat furniture is best.


Catnip is advisable as well for adult cats (kittens don't seem to be affected by catnip). Catnip can serve two purposes: It can be used as an incentive for the scratching utensil, or simply for fun and games. If you need to distract your new cat from places you rather not have it in, let it roll around in catnip for a while.

Cat Dish

A food and water dish is needed as well. The ones that sit raised off the ground work especially well, so that they can't spill or tip over. Even if you already have a cat, it's a good idea to let the new cat have its own separate food and water dish.

Cat Collar

Don't forget to buy a collar. Not only will it keep the rabies tag attached, but a separate tag with the owner's address and phone number should be purchased and affixed as well. Even if the cat is kept strictly indoors (as is best for its safety), it can get out the door when visitors arrive and don't pay attention by leaving the door open too long. The collar needs to be long enough so when affixed to the cat two fingers can be inserted between the collar and neck.


Some toys to provide entertainment are also encouraged. Providing toys to play with can keep cats from destroying your items. When purchasing cat toys, the same rules apply as for babies. Avoid toys that have small items attached that the cat could swallow by mistake.

Final Thought

Everything else that is marketed for cats can be added as needed, once you find out what your cat will enjoy. However, by getting all the items mentioned above you are ensuring your new feline friend a safe new home.

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