Essential gear for hiking

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If you love hiking, in this article we highlight for you the gear that you must have when going for a hiking trip.

Essential gear for hiking

When going for a hiking trip, the last thing you want to experience is a ruined trip. That is why it is important for you to have the proper gear needed for a hiking trip. The following are some of the items that make up an essential hiking gear.

Hiking boots

It is important for you to wear the right type of shoes that are fit for hiking. Boots are the best pick because you are likely to encounter roots and rocks on the trails. The boots will protect your feet from getting hurt. They are also meant to keep your from spraining your ankles, when you trip over roots and other obstacles on the hiking trail.

Boots are also able to handle the dust , dirt and mud without getting your feet dirty or soaked in water when it rains. There are several types of lightweight hiking boots that are available in most sports stores. You should choose hiking boots that are waterproof, so that your feet don't get wet when it rains.

Pack well

When going for a hiking trip, you will need to pack all the essentials that will make your trip fun and comfortable. You will need the following;

- A good backpack that has wide padded straps and a waist belt.
- A map of the area, it is always good know your location when hiking
- A compass to tell you the direction
- Drinking water
- Extra dry food
- Rain gear
- Extra clothing
- A first aid kit
- Painkillers such as panadol
- A fire starter and matches
- A Swiss army knife
- A flashlight, an extra bulb and extra batteries
- A sunscreen
- Trekking poles
- Sunglasses and a cap or hat
- A sleeping bag
- An insect repellent
- Personal hygiene items such as soap, tissue,a toothbrush,a comb among other items

The suitable hiking clothes that you need

- You will need to pack clothes that are light in weight and material and you will also need clothes that are well insulated for the cold weather. A polar fleece or a high tech knitted top will keep you warm when it gets
Sturdy hiking pants are a must have for you, because they will fend off branches that can rip your pants when hiking.

You will need a pair of warm woolen socks to keep you warm when it gets cold. You will also have to wear long sleeved tops and pants when hiking to protect yourself from insect bites and being bruised by branches.


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