Essential gear for mountain climbing

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In this article you will find a list of the essential gear that you will need when mountain climbing.

Essential gear for mountain climbing

Mountain climbing is some serious adventure, you have to be fully prepared with the right gear and equipment needed for mountain climbing before you begin.

You will have to make sure that you are fully covered up because of the cold temperature found on mountains being kept warm is a requirement.

The following equipment is what you will need for your upper body;

A wind and waterproof jacket, A heavy duvet jacket with a synthetic fill which should have an insulated hood.
A synthetic sweater or vest to insulate your body from the cold. Two long sleeved polyproplylene shirts which are light in weight and brightly colored. One t-shirt, for the women a sports bra will do.

The following equipment is what you will need for your hands;
One pair of mittens with a water proofed over mitt matched with polar fleece mitt liner. One pair of lightweight poly lined gloves these are worn on top of your mitts.

The following equipment is what you will need for your head;

One heavy weight warm woolen hat, one light weight warm woolen hat. A face mask or neck gaiter to shield you against the wind, a visor or sun cap, glacier glasses which have 100% UV protection with side shields and a hard sided storage case. A headlamp with some extra batteries and bulbs, the headlamps should have a strong beam.

The following equipment is what you will need for your lower body;

One pair of wind and water proof trousers which have, bibs or mid heavy weight with side zips. One pair of medium weight polar fleece trousers. You will also need one pair of medium lightweight polypropylene leggings, a pair of lightweight polypropylene leggings, one pair of non-cotton walking trousers.

Two pairs of lightweight long underwear made of polypropylene or capilene material. One pair of nylon shorts, and a quick drying type of underwear suitable for hiking.
The following equipment is what you will need for your feet;

You will need a pair of double plastic boots which fit well with one thick and a thin pair of socks leaving some little room. Crampons should fit the boots perfectly well. A pair of light hiking shoes or you can use trail shoes which will also do well. The gaiters should fit well over the plastic boots. One pair of sandals which you can wear when you are at the base camp. Two pairs of liner socks, a pair of vapor barrier liner socks.
Three pairs of heavy wool socks.

You will definitely need a sleeping bag which has full length cell foam. A rucksack is needed too, it should be 80 liters large. The rucksack should be able to carry all your personal belongings and equipment needed for mountain climbing. Remember to also pack your personal hygiene items such as a toiletry kit, hand wipes, a camp towel a lip balm a sunscreen protection and any other things that you use for personal hygiene.

A medical kit is also essential when packing for a mountain climbing expedition. You should pack a few painkillers, band aids, disinfectants and any extra items that you may need. Ear plugs should also be on the list of items a bottle water purification tablets and any other item that you may need while mountain climbing.

Remember to pack some snacks when mountain climbing, pack your favorite drinks and snacks and munch away as you climb the mountain. Drinking water should also be put on the food list, and a few freeze dried dinners for the high camp. A mug and water bottles should also be packed, a bowl, spoons ,forks, and a knife should also be included.

You can take a book or two to read if you get a chance to relax. You will also need a camera to capture those special moments as you encounter nature at its best.
You will also need some form of identification and cash which you might need while on your expedition. Light clothing should be included on this list which you will wear once you are back from the mountains.

The following equipment is what you will need climbing;

You will need an ice axe which has a leash and is lightweight, some adjustable trekking poles to support you when mountain climbing. A climbing harness with adjustable loops, a helmet and a belay device just in case you need them. A rope is also a good item to have you never know when you will need it.


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