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I currently have three trees I am growing in my apartment courtyard and a houseplant I take care of every day inside of my apartment. (Also, I am working with a small Korean Air Plant/House Vine hanging off the branch of one of my trees) So, I know of whence I write of: Also, I have ample experience growing many types of large plants, trees, house plants, vegetables and the like. So, if you are interested in growing living things well, start reading:

Love, and Growing Living Things

Plants and trees need more than just water or food. Sure, they process that just fine, but there is more to it:

They need love, care and understanding. If there is anything I learned about organic horticulture, it is that if you do not give the proper love, care and understanding to plants and all creatures, they wither up and genuinely die away.

So here goes the point in this article in an object lesson: Once there was a study done with orphaned babies. The babies that were sang to, nurtured and genuinely cared for by the nurses prospered. The babies that were just fed, kept isolated in a plastic "B.F. Skinner box" and given the bare minimum of work and care, died within a week and a half at the most. The stark point to this is that everything needs love and care with food and sustenance or everything really does wither away and die.

My other point is that, in organic horticulture, a special situation with nurture and caring also exists. It is how you vibrate feelings and understanding toward the plants as well as give them food, water and care. Sure, to some, this may sound a little silly or something, but the plants have a genuine sense of being and vibration, just as conscious humans or animal beings do, probably more. They sense the peace or war going on probably in a more intense way since they are seemingly still and in place most of the time.

The genuine "Green Thumb" factor

The "Green Thumb" factor does come from nurturing to be sure, but more than that, it is an intuitive thing where you sense what a plant or a tree genuinely needs through a sort of "meditative attuning" at key times. My times are in the morning when I am watering and feeding them and in the evening when I am coming into the apartment. I feel those "vibes" at those times and others when I feel especially calm and meditative.

I know, some of what I am saying sounds a little strange at times, but study plants deeply and be more intuitively understanding for yourself and you will get it all. For starters, there is more to life anyway than just meeting practical needs. There are emotional and spiritual levels to it all. This is what the proper care of plants helps anyone realize and remember about, also.

As for the "Green Thumb" factor: That will come with better senses and increased intuitive understanding, not just of plants, but, of life and all.

Sure, I could write about hydroponics and stuff like that, and I am sure some of the same factors exist in that science and reality also. That it takes more than just feeding the plants and giving proper technical care also, but, in it all I can understand how all of the same rules apply, take them or leave them, the rules and realities I have outlined about loving and caring do very much work fully on objective and subjective levels. Think about it, then if you find value in it, do it. You may even end up with a great "Green Thumb".


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