Evolution Answered Part 1

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Some questions concerning evolution are now answered.


There are a lot of questions/statements that Creationists ask/say about evolution in debates. Here are some that will not work and why.

Q1. Evolution was first thought of over 150 years ago. Scientists know a lot more know. So obviously it is now out of date.

A1. Well, that is a very bad argument, because Creation has been believed since when the Sun was believed to rotate around the Earth, and when the Earth was flat. And it has been around for over 5000 years.

Q2. Why isn’t there evidence of modern man a long time ago? If man has been around for so long, then why don’t we see evidence of man existing before they were created by God?

A1. The Theory of Evolution states that man has been developing for 100s of millions of years. It states that we have ancestors from a long time ago, but man didn’t come around until a few million years ago. Also, there is evidence of man from before then.

Q3. If life forms can evolve from nothing then why is Earth the only planet with life on it? And why are living conditions on Earth so perfect for life?

A1. Well, the reason that there is even life here is because it suitable. Earth is just a good planet for life. Also, other planets can’t support life. Otherwise there would be life everywhere.

Thank you for reading this. If you comment asking a question about evolution, I will try to answer it in the next article.


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12th Sep 2010 (#)

It's almost certain that other planets exist that can and do support life.

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