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A beginners guide to setting up a city in the online game of Evony

The Beginner City

When you first start Evony (Age 1) it will be important to set up your city properly in order to get the best use out of it. Evony provides a quick tutorial and then some basic quests to help you get going, but I find that many new players turn off the tutorial and then cant get it back. Once this happens your left on your own.
Many Evony strategy guides offer good advice, this article will simple tell you how to build up a decent city from the start. It is the opinion of the Author that the four basic "resources" are of the utmost importance in the beginning. A new player must understand that everything else in the game will come from these basic resources, so getting an edge upgrading these quickly will be beneficial.
The Quest should have shown you how to build the resource fields, and any upgrading under 5 minutes can be quickened through the "Speed-up" option for free. As you begin your city make sure you focus some attention to getting these resource fields upgraded to decent levels.
To begin you want to get a few cottages built up so you can have population for your resource production. Upgrading the town hall up to Level 3 will also get you a nice beginners package with some good items to help you get going. Between the resource fields, the town hall and some cottages, you should be off to a decent start.
I like to keep all the cottages grouped together to avoid confusion, a simple tip that beginners often miss. Besides the resources fields, cottages and barracks will the only buildings you will require more than one of.
Build an Embassy at least to level 1 so that you may join an "alliance". This will be your "Team" so to speak and you can gain a lot of help and support from them. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and find a group of people that you fit in with. So many times players stick with the first alliance that takes them in, but make sure you find a place where you fit in.

Continious building

Once you have gotten your game off the ground you will need to begin to make new buildings in your city. You will need an Inn, a feasting hall and a rally spot. The inn can eventually be removed, so if you wish you can set it up somewhere out of the way. Make sure your feasting hall and rally spot are both accessible where you can easily find them, these two buildings will receive a lot of your attention as you progress.
Once these are done you will want to build a forge and a workshop so that you may begin to upgrade your city walls as well. City wall are the best defense against attack and can be used in a variety of ways along with a solid amount of troops to keep your city relatively safe. Understand that a forge and workshop can be removed from your city entirely once you have reached an advanced stage and your academy researches are complete, so keep these removable buildings grouped together. Speaking of the Academy, now is a good time to build one.
The academy will let you "research" ways to make your city and troops better, so keep something being researched at all times. as you advance the time it take to research the higher levels will greatly increase, so save some of those speed-up items for later.
You can then build a beacon tower and a warehouse to fulfill some easy quests and gain some extra resources, however I will mention now that more often than not you will find a warehouse a waste of space and want to remove it later. So build one level and gain the quest then you can remove it.

Advanced building

Now you may add a stable and a relief station, the stable is a "removable" building so group it with the others for now. The relief station will make reinforcing and moving troops faster so you will likely keep it for good.
Now you have a basic structure to your town, and you can add barracks. Every space you have not previously filled up can now be filled with barracks. This will help you train troops faster.

Removable buildings

These buildings can eventually be removed from your city altogether, but you MUST have these buildings IN your city to conduct researches, So upgrade all of your researches to the MAXIMUM level BEFORE removing them from your city.


These building have uses and may be build or un-built in your city as needed:


The inn and market can be left at level 1 and swapped out so that they both occupy only one spot in your city. this will depend on your style of play.

Desired set-up

Once you have built your city up and your researches are complete, you will begin removing some buildings from your city. It may be helpful to understand how you will want your city setup once it is all done.. The "end result" if you will. This will help you to understand what your trying to achieve.

A good city will contain:

1 Beacon Tower
1 Rally Spot
1 Feasting Hall
1 Academy
1 Relief Station
1 Inn/Market
**Note** Multiple cities close to one another may be able to share Inn/Market

8 cottages
up to 20 barracks (no less than 17)


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author avatar Denise O
20th Oct 2010 (#)

I have just begun, that's for sure.
I am such a dunce when it comes to anything computer related.
You explained it very well.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Alissa K
20th Oct 2010 (#)

Everyone needs to read this at the beginning of the game. It would save a lot of time in tear downs and rebuilds as you learn the game.

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author avatar Serena
8th Apr 2012 (#)

Why do you need so many barracks?!

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author avatar Preeman
8th Apr 2013 (#)

more barracks more fastx20
troop training

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