Exchange Gift Ideas for Family Reunions

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A family reunion can be the perfect venue to incorporate a birthday, anniversary, or any celebration in your family's life. Of course, gifts could play a significant role at these family events, too.

Gift-giving Ideas for Family Reunions

Although this isn't mandatory for relatives or family members who see on a daily or those who you see often, but it can really mean a lot to your cousins, aunts, and uncles who you rarely get to see.

Younger members of the family and children love receiving gifts and it would be fun to incorporate them in your family reunion agenda.

One fun gift-giving idea that may include the entire family is the "Kris Kringle". It does not even have to be during the Christmas season to make this happen. It can even be during Thanksgiving or just any fun family gathering.

Assign a certain amount, say $10 worth of gift item, that each family member will have to bring. You may have a theme for this or it can just be anything funny. The gift buyer would bring this wrapped during the reunion.

During the family reunion, everybody gathers together and as the names are called the gifts are exchanged. There are many variations of this. Member may pick a name or have a number assigned to each gift and the family members pick a number just like a raffle. This can be so much fun.

Some of the finest yet inexpensive gifts you can give are framed family pictures or hand sketched portraits. If you seldom see some of your relatives, by exchanging or giving family pictures especially of those events you had in the past, you may just forge a closer bond with each other.

Everybody may have some pictures of a family member that has not been updated for many years, so this is the best time to do that.

Designate someone to be the reunion photographer or videographer to take charge of taking photos of everyone for the whole event.

As soon as these are ready, you may upload it to your family's online photo album, scrapbook or to Facebook and make sure that each member present will be tagged to keep the memories fresh, so that anyone may share it with other relatives who weren't able to make it to the event.

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