Experience Of Learning A Different Language

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Languages are a best way of communicating, in this world, every country has its own language; if you know the languages other than your mother tongue its always helpful.

Experience Of Learning A Different Language

If we're traveling in different countries as a tourist or may be some other reason, we face the language problem to communicate the peoples of their country. By knowing a different languages its always giving us a benefit.
Its very easy to understand that we're planning to visit Europe countries; In Europe every country as its own language. For example

Germany _____ German
Holland ______ Netherlands
Belgium _______ Dutch
Spain _________ Spanish
France _________ French
Italy __________ Italian

These are the few examples, if we're travelling in above one of those countries without knowing of their languages, it's not easy to survive; it's not necessary that every person is knowing the English and if we don't have a guide so it's become tough for us to visit the places of these countries because if we asked someone about the routes of marketplaces, restaurants, historical places we can't do this easily.

Dutch Language

I live in Belgium and in Belgium mother tongue is Dutch. Here I'll share you some general question which are really helpful to those peoples who's are planning to visit a Belgium and for shore those people who love to knowing the different languages.

General Questions/Answers In Dutch With English Meaning: -

1- Hoe heet jij? ( What is your name? )
1- Ik heet ------- ( My name is -------- )

2- Uit welke land kompt jij ? ( In which country you belong?)
2- Ik kompt uit ----------- (I belong to -------------)

3- Welke taal spreek jij ? ( In which language do you speak? )
3- Ik spreek --------------- (My language is ------------)

4- Ben jij getrouwd ? (Are you married? )
4- Ya, ik, Ben getrouwd (yes, I am married)

5- Heb jij kinderen? ( Have your kids? )
5- Ya, ik Heb kinderen (Yes, I have kids?)

6- Hoeveel kinderen? ( How many kids you have?)

These are the general questions which help you to meet a person first time is just a little bit introduction in English or Aangenaam in Dutch,

When you are looking for a marketplace, hospitals and some other things you can ask in the Dutch language is below
Excuseer Meneer/ Mevrouw
Mag ik iets vragen?
Ik zoek ----------, waar is---------
( Excuse me, can I ask you a question?
I am looking for a -----------, do you where is this---------)

Right side is called Racht
Left side is called Links
Straight is called Racht door

Dag mean Hello

This is a general knowledge about the Dutch language, I hope it will little bit helpful for tourist and those who love to learn languages. I also invite people to share your experiences with me in your comments that you liked my little effort or you are enjoying to read this article.


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