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It seems today that blogs are becoming ever more popular both for individuals and businesses and when combined with Social Media they can take on a powerful communications role. Pick a subject, any subject, no matter what their will be a person that has either been blogging for years or the last hour on that topic.

The Art of Blogging

Blogging is part of a generalised social media explosion on the the Internet, what started as a simple idea of building a simple journal and sharing it to your friends has grown and grown to become a global means of communication. This artform is here to stay and some bloggers have already become famous while others remain in relative obscurity and in reality this has become one of the greatest creative outlets of the 21st century (and that is a bold statement considering we are only 14 years into it) also posts come in all shapes and sizes from the posting of a daily quote to the writing of technical guide books but most people will fit somewhere in between including pictures, soundbites and videos.

What is your passion? The thing about having a blog is that you can share it with everyone or at least those sharing your passion. You know everything there is to know about Car Washes though and only Car Wash officianados will want to read it except for that video of the dog enjoying the car wash on a hot summer's day that draws a million hits in hours, if your passion is the celebrity world then more people are likely to read it, provided you have crucial nuggets of inside information or a unique angle to offer your readers.

The other consideration is that you will need to publicise your posts on the generalised social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. advertising the key and salient points of interest and link this posting back to your article to help drive interest. It is not necessarily the writer that publicises the post through the social web, merely that someone does and it it often best done by a friend than the creator.

Passive Income?

The act of creating a blog by itself does not lead to a passive income, indeed it does not lead to any income at all, which is something many writers feel is part of the reason for starting a blog in the first place. When starting a new blog it is probably wrong to think in terms of gaining a huge income unless you have hundreds of thousands of social connections already. Adding advertising through providers such as Google Adsense, AdChoices, InfoLinks, or others is certainly a way to monetise a blog, yet not all blogs should be monetised for example corporate blogs are less likely to have advertising on them because they would not wish to risk having a competitor's advert on their page.

Actually Blogging is primarily about content, persistence, quality and professionalism. It is the source of fastest growing content on the net, but sadly 99.9999% of all blogs contain nothing but junk because high quality, sadly, is not a part of the vocabulary of the average blog writer yet it should be. For all too many Blogging is a bad habit and they seek to publish any junk they come across without too much thought or effort. The key to successful Blogging is in marking yourself out as providing something different checking your facts in the way a journalist does, proofing, editing and ensuring what you have to offer makes sense, but it is important to understand that Blogging is a lot of work and there are already too many in the crowd.

Sadly too many people want instant gratification; instant success; instant kudos; instant results, yet this is unlikely unless you write about a subject that happens to have viral value and can continue writing on that subject day after day.

Content Creation

Most writers find Blogging to be fun at first, but then they discover that it requires a lot of effort and can be quite draining, to publish something every day/week/month. Initially writers set themselves aggressive deadlines to have the next new article out at a specific time and as a result quality tends to suffer. It can be at this time that the interest starts to wane, truth is few bloggers have been writing the same column for over five years and sadly I have to count myself in this number.

Continual writing is hard, especially when most writers wanted to spend less than 30 minutes per day in the first place; they find producing an article can take hours and gets in the way of their normal activities and often there is a lot of research required before 'putting pen to paper' and the truth is on-line writing also requires living by a plan. Largely it is about developing your expertise in specific areas and demonstrating your knowledge to the world on a regular basis. You use your writing to share specific knowledge and help promote learning in your specialist subject area. It is about providing value to your readers on the Internet and sharing information.

The Business Blog

It would seem that from a business perspective the reason for having a blog is to use it as a further opportunity to sell product, yet nothing could be further from the truth. The reason for having a business blog is to demonstrate expertise in your business specialisations, indeed I have seen a small business offering advice on other competitor products and how to best use them. Think about that for a moment, it says a lot about their professionalism, but it is also an aid to marketing, because people do have a long memory for people that have helped them in the past, most people do not go out and purchase replacement items right away, especially with the current economic climate they think long and hard before buying replacement items, yet that long memory will be present when they do eventually buy the new item in the future and you can guess which vendor's name is more than likely to be on the short-list.

Customer service and demonstrating expertise are the two most important reasons for having a company blog. The contents should include things like:

  • How to videos
  • Customer feedback and comments
  • Discussions of industry challenges
  • Discussions about how to use the product
  • Known faults and workarounds.
  • Announcements on future developments

Express your Thoughts

Certainly Blogging can be useful way to express your thoughts and views, but what do you want other people knowing? Remember that in future prospective employers may want to look at your blogs in order to determine your employability, in part it can be a means advocating and participation in discussions about certain viewpoints, providing users realise the potency of blogs. It should come as no surprise the owning a blog can sometimes have unforeseen consequences in politically sensitive areas and it is therefore wise to think twice before publishing certain things.

Cautionary tail over! There is no reason why you cannot grow and extend your personal capabilities by publishing on your own blog.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
20th Apr 2014 (#)

Blogging is a way of expressing ourselves and honing our writing skills. If the readers appreciate and say, "wow", I get a kick from it. Monetary benefit is of secondary importance. If I get it, I take it is a bonus. I appreciate your articles always.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
20th Apr 2014 (#)

GV it is always a pleasure to read your thoughts.

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author avatar Ptrikha
22nd Apr 2014 (#)

Blogging, especially Fine Blogging is an art which takes time to improve and flower.

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
24th Apr 2014 (#)

Good afternoon, Peter. Blogging by the Book - good valuable information. Thanks for the link in your article as well. I tend to check yours knowing I will find value added information and was pleasantly surprised when it was my article. Again, thanks for this article and your words of wisdom on the subject. ~Marilyn

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
24th Apr 2014 (#)

Good information is always worth repeating Marilyn.

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author avatar Retired
21st Mar 2015 (#)

I am barely starting and I have no idea how much will I get from this, or even IF.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
24th Mar 2015 (#)

Whatever stage you are at learning and writing are intrinsically linked.

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