Extreme Programming(XP) : An Overview

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Brief overview of Extreme Programming software development Methodology

Brief of Extreme Programming(XP)

Extreme Programming is a discipline of software development that follows a specific structure that simplifies and speedens up new software development process.
Kent Beck was the person who developed XP. The methodology focuses on keeping the overall development process simple by continuous testing, improvements and iterations, at a sustainable pace.

Practices of Extreme Programming (XP)

Extreme Programming (XP) follows 12 practices, grouped into four areas, derived from the best practices of software engineering:

1)Fine scale feedback :

=>Pair Programming- This involves two team members working on a code rather than a single person being responsible.
=>Planning Game.
=>Test Driven Development.
=>Whole Team.

2)Continuous process

=>Continuous Integration- Code is integrated from a main branch to a testing branch, or to other branches in small increments and tested frequently, rather in a one big cycle, to check for integration errors, and have them rectified fastly, rather than postpoing them.

=>Design Improvement

=>Small Releases - Software is developed in small stages with frequent updates, every two to three weeks.

3)Shared understanding
=>Coding Standards - Great emphasis on coding standards.

=>Collective Code Ownership - Every line of code belongs to every programmer working on the project, so there are no issues of proprietary authorship to slow the project down. Code is changed when it needs to be changed without delay.

=>Simple Design - Include only the functionality that is essential to achieve desired results expected by the customers. Here, the team needs to decide what all features are absolutely essential and what not to put in the system.

=>System Metaphor - relating requirements to everyday events or objects for simplifying understanding.

4)Programmer welfare

=>Sustainable Pace - The emphasis is on efficient working, yet avoiding any extra times, or people working overtime, so that there is no burnout.

Based on my study of Extreme Programming from sources:
http://www.selectbs.com/process-maturity/what-is-extreme- programming


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