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The modern day internet seems to be a breeding ground for any con artist and scam merchant. Is it slowly changing it's ways? Are money making websites starting to work harder at staying legitimate. This article covers my initial experience when developing a career online and also contains more than a few warnings as well.

New Directions

A change in circumstance nearly five years ago led me to search a new opportunity to make a living. Now these things can go one of two ways –

- Excitement at the prospect of a new venture along with a little apprehension at the start of a new journey.

- Sheer panic at the thought of becoming your own boss and making enough money to cloth and feed your young son.

If I’m honest the excitement did take over a bit and I found myself diving headlong into various online promises made by money making websites. Iooking back I was such an idiot! The adverts and claims I now know to be false scams completely took me and I made about three stupid mistakes. I say stupid mistakes as these types of mistakes cost you money – the thing I was looking to make.


This article is probably intended as a warning more than anything – I know how many people come online a day thinking the same way I did. It bugs me that a large percentage of these people will probably end up making the same stupid mistakes as me and line the pockets of yet another scam artist.

So let’s get one thing cleared up before we go any further – any advertisement that claims to teach you how to make over $100 a day online is absolute rubbish! I know that seems like quite a claim but I am very experienced in this field now and I know my onions.

You see working online is just that – working. To be honest you will probably end up working longer hours than you would in a nine to five gig. The real and worthwhile money making websites are few and far between but ALL of them will require dedication, patience and work. Take my word for it – there are no ‘work at home mums earn $1798 a week’, there are no ‘push button system for marketing newbies’ and there is no free lunch.

Research is key in this business as there tends to be no real law that stops online scammers at present. Whatever offer or service you fancy please, please, please make sure you do your research first. If you do find an honest opportunity then be prepared for a serious change in your day. I started using a timetable to get things done ( first time I had so since I was in school ).

Eliminate The Threat

Lastly, Google is a tool we are all able to use for free ( and a very powerful tool it is to! ). Before you sign up for any money making websites, online offer or online training do a simple search first with ‘scam’ included in the search bar. If more than three results come back on the first page of results boasting of bad experiences then please hold off for a while – there is always tomorrow.

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