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How people lose all sense when using a social networking site

July 5, 2010

Anna Chapman, charged as a spy, complained that nude pictures she posted on Facebook have been spammed all over the Internet.

Interpol is inviting the public to assist in catching wanted criminals by searching their Facebook contacts.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Although one might think those two stories come from the Daily Onion, they are taken from the BBC. People whom one would expect to live rather quiet and clandestine lives are blatantly on Facebook. Real names, real photos, real facts.



A few months ago an extract from Facebook was being Stumbled all over the world.

Some moron wrote about her boss on her 'Wall'. Did she forget her Boss was on Facebook? Listed as 'friend?'

He saw what she'd written, and wrote something as well and she was fired.

How could anyone be so stupid? Anyone? 90% of the Facebook users are that stupid.

Blah Blah Blah

If you get on Facebook you will find millions of people using their real names, posting photographs, babbling about their personal lives. Proud to have 5k friends they share everything as if they are alone in a closed room when they as exposed were they to stand in front of a television camera.

Everyone has a Facebook page, so if you find out the name of that stupid troll whose been annoying you on that Forum, well, you've got her now.
Real name:
Real town:

on and on as if you found a wallet in the street.

Imagine a stalker...going right to her door, knocking, she opens. Has no idea this is the guy she's insulted on that Forum. He's in the house now...well....suppose they find all her body parts...but would CSI find the assailant?

You have to wonder

The world is full of stupid people. Stupid people with Internet Access. Stupid people joining Facebook. Stupid people whose name you have, whose town your have, whose photo you have, and even those bits; "is this Shelly who used to go to Midwood High?" "Is this Georgie who drives a black Lexus?" "Is this Kim who adores the Rolling Stones?"

And who are you?

Take a name off any Facebook 'friend' of the 5k friends these morons have.

Crime has never been so simple, has it?

If You Belong to Face Book

If you are going to join Face Book or already have, you might want to think a bit about 'security'. You might want to understand that although this person is your friend, anyone going to your friend's page will see you. And can go to your page. Can go to your page and read all the bits and pieces and then write to you, using what you've revealed to fool you.

This may be a con man who has his scam prepared and all you need to do is accept his friend request or answer his message.

This may be a serial killer who is looking for a victim.

You can't know, and you won't know until it is too late.

Oh, but you want to join Facebook! All your friends are on Facebook! Everything is going on Facebook!

Okay, here's how you do it.

Safety Guide

Firstly, do not use your real name. If you have to use your real name for business purposes or some other extrinsic reason, don't use your photo. If you have to use your real name and real photo you better be very careful in what you post. Any bit of truth can and will be used against you.

And hey!
Those 5k people are not your friends. They are random people you met online. They could be perverts. They could be serial killers. You don't know. Do you need to find out?


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
6th Jul 2010 (#)

This is expecially a good warning for young girls who seem to think they can post anything and still be safe..

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author avatar kaylar
6th Jul 2010 (#)

one troll on a site slipped her real name, and on Facebook, she left everything but a trail of breadcrumbs to her door.

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author avatar CT
15th Nov 2010 (#)

ummm..no. This is retarded. Do I find facebook intrusive and tasteless? Yes. Is this post worth anyones time? No. Stupid people are stupid people with or without facebook, but no one's going to get murdered as a result. Or at least not as a result of something that wouldn't have happened without facebook.

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author avatar kaylar
19th Sep 2011 (#)

yah. That's right CT. No one ever was stalked and killed via their Facebook entry.

Think the FBI would disagree with you there, sport.

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