Facts About Laser Skin Care Treatments

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From skin resurfacing to varicose vein removal, laser skin treatments cover a wide range of conditions that have been adding to the procedure’s popularity.

Facts About Laser Skin Care Treatments

“Lasers are an attractive alternative to other skin therapies because they are effective, safe, and can provide the patient with more easily reproduced results,” says Dr. Jeffrey D. Wagner of Wagner and Associates Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Consultants of Indiana.

Among the various laser skin treatments and procedures, which also include hair removal, spider vein removal, and skin tightening, laser skin resurfacing is historically the first cosmetic laser skin procedure a patient will have done.

According to Wagner, patients “are usually middle aged to older patients with fine skin wrinkles and severely damaged skin on the face.” The procedure is one of the few laser skin treatments that is typically done using anesthesia.

“It produces a controlled thermal burn that heals in seven to ten days, leaving smoother, more uniformly colored skin, Wagner adds. “This treatment is a more controlled substitute for chemical peels or dermabrasion.”

Laser hair removal is another popular treatment. Te best candidates are those with dark hair and fair skin. Basically, the laser heats up the hair, it heats up the follicle, it heats up the shaft, it heats up the bulb, because the pigment attracts heat. It is less uncomfortable than waxing, for sure, and usually a series of treatments need to be done because the hair follicles and the bulb are at different stages of activity; and they all have to be essentially obliterated by the laser in order for it to work.

Another option is a more advanced technology that combines treatment for several skin issues. This procedure, called 3-D Skin Technology, offers laser skin care’s version of a full face lift. This procedure is becoming a standard.

First, laser light is light and heat, and what it does is warm the tissue; it warms collagen. The collagen warms up, and it coils down and tightens up. This is basically a controlled injury. Any injury stimulates healing. When you lift weights, you injure your biceps; your biceps respond by getting bigger. What happens is that this laser heat injury stimulates the body to heal, so you end up healing the dermis, and when you heal the dermis, the skin gets tighter.

It is this technology, which uses three layers of dermal heating that results in a contraction of the skin that gives you that more youthful look.

It is important to ask questions when choosing a facility for your laser skin care needs. You really do want someone medically trained to be there. It may be a doctor or an aesthetician, make sure it’s one who has done a lot of laser procedures.


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