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What come to your mind when you heard the animal word “Turkey”? If you say it’s Thanksgiving, then were both the same. But before you plunge to that tasty roasted turkey, let me tell you first some facts about this amazing animal.

Family members

First, did you know that each member of the turkey family have its own name? A male turkey is called Tom or a cock. While the female is called a hen and the baby turkey is called a poult. Furthermore, a young male is called Jake, while a young female is called Jenny.

Funny isn’t it, all family members has its own name.

Turkeys Diet

Second, what do turkeys eat? Well basically, all turkeys are omnivores. Meaning they both eat plants as well as other animals such as insects. They feed on corns, plants, insects, wheat and seeds. Turkeys also has a prominent tuft of bristles projecting downwards from its chest. Like most birds, male turkeys are more colorful than the females. Their plumage comes in a variety of bronze, green or reddish colors. The chest feathers on the males are coarse. A male uses these beautiful feathers to attract other females. Its one way of showing who’s the most handsome male amongst the flock.


Third, do turkeys fly? As compared to their domesticated counterparts, wild turkeys can fly. They fly and sleep (to roost or settle) in trees. Also, in the wild, turkeys build their nest with dried leaves and grasses in places that are not easily seen on the ground. They can lay about 9 to 18 eggs in a clutch. A clutch is a set or cluster of eggs. Their eggs look creamy white red-brown speckles all over. Baby turkeys or poults live in a group of young birds or fowl called a brood.

So next time you eat that fleshy turkey during Thanksgiving, it is funny to know some facts about this amazing animal. Happy eating.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
15th Nov 2010 (#)

I have kept chickens, ducks, pigeons, and doves, never kept turkeys, but often see them at the auctions. Thanks for the info.

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author avatar Angelique Newman
19th Nov 2010 (#)

Excellent article on the Turkey. It was a fun and informative read.

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author avatar Humza
5th Dec 2010 (#)

wow joel an interesting one!
by the way what made u write on turkeys?
i dont like turkeys that much but their names have developed a liken for them

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