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The motor car is probably the most important invention in the history of transportation since the wheel.

The first was very slow

A Frenchman, Amadee Bollee, built a car for 12 passengers in 1873, but its steam engine was impractical and the vehicle was too slow. Then came the invention of a practical petrol engine.

The petrol engine was better

In 1889, in Germany, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach built a car with a two-cylinder petrol engine which travelled at 10 mph. Another German, Karl Benz, also built a petrol-engined car in the same year. However, only a few motor cars were manufactured in Europe and the United States before 1900.


In 1901, the Curved Dash Oldsmobile was the first automobile to be produced in large numbers, but Henty Ford of Detroit is said to have introduced the modern method of mass production using assembly lines. He began making his Model-T in 1908, and by 1927, when Ford stopped making it, over 18 million had been produced. The model-T Ford opened the way to affordable motorized transport, and is considered to be the father of today’s family car.


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