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Some random advice for Farmville that will be useful for you.

Here's Some Advice

Here is a random assortment of advice and tips. They cover a wide variety of subjects.

1. If you want to make the maximum amount of money from your chicken coop, then you should purchase the best chicken, and 1 of it. Put it into your coop and let its numbers multiply from collecting mystery eggs. If you have a fully expanded chicken coop with 60 of these in it, you will be able to make 7,680 coins each time that you collect them.

2. You can pack a ton of trees into a very small space if you try hard enough, because as long as 2 trees don’t overlap entirely you can fit about 2,000 trees into the small farm that you start out with. This means that with the 24 by 24 farm you could fit almost 10,000 trees in your farm!

3. If you put hay bales, animals, trees, fences, or other decorations/buildings around the area that your character starts in you will not have to move around from field to field to do stuff, which will save quite a bit of time from not walking from place to place. I found out about this from looking at a neighbors farm and I didn’t have to move around at all to go to the different fields that I was fertilizing.

4. Plan before you plant. If you are going to be gone for a few days with no internet (or Facebook access) then don’t plant something that will be ready to harvest in 2 days or below. Crops will whither after about 2 days of being ready without being harvested.

5. Spend farmcash wisely. Don’t spend it to buy things that you could buy with more neighbors. You will get more neighbors as time passes. Don’t waste it on things that you don’t need, like tractors, harvesters, seeders, barns, upgrades, animals, trees, or buildings.

Now you have a little bit more knowledge of strategic thinking for Farmville. You don’t have to follow this advice if you it won’t help you, but it is pretty useful in general.


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