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What power farms are in Farmville, and how they can help you.

Power Farms

In Farmville, a “Power Farm” is a farm that is very well laid out for an optimal amount of experience, money, or awards. This could also be looked at as an elite farm with 1 main purpose. It would be very good at this but would not have much of anything else. Here is a list of “Power Farms”, their purpose, and how to make them. All of the costs are for the basic starting farm, and would vary if you had a bigger farm.


For this you will need to just plow a lot of areas right next to each other so that there is a 12 by 12 square of plowed land with no gaps in between them on the bottom-left (south-west) corner of your farm. This will leave a small bit of space on the upper-right (north-east) end of your farm as well as some space on the remaining 2 edges, because it is too small to plow anymore land besides fallow land. Then you can plant a lot of 1 type of crop that makes a lot of money. This should be well compatible with your schedule and free time (expect to spend around 15 minutes to harvest, plow, and replant 144 crop squares without vehicles). Do that until you have around 100,000 coins or more. This will take around 10-25 plantings, and will on how much the crop costs and sells for. Because of this you will reach about level 10 or so, this depending on which crop you chose to plant. This farm works very well and from here all of the other “Power Farms” begin as.

“Base 2”

After making the “base” you will be able upgrade it into this. This can take a couple different forms. They will be listed below:

This setup will focus on trees and will get the tree awards. Fill up all of the remaining space on the edges of your farm with lime trees. This will be very expensive, but with all the money you have made from crops it won’t be that big of a deal. This will end up costing around 180,000 coins at the most. They will eventually pay off though because they earn 75 coins every 5 days (15 coins per day). This will also get you the tree harvesting achievements very quickly. Also the lime trees will give you 7 experience points every time you plant one of them. You can replace the lime trees with another kind of tree if you want to get the awards faster, but this will likely earn less money and experience.
This setup will focus on animals and will get the animal awards. Fill up all of the remaining space with pigs. This will cost about 150,000 coins in the end, but each pig will pay for itself over time. You will get a lot of animal collecting awards from doing this. This however will not earn as much money as the tree version because there will be less pigs that trees. If you want you could use sheep instead of pigs, but sheep can only be harvested every 3 days unlike the 2 days for the pig. Even then they still earn less per collection.
“Base 3”

After making the “base 2” you can upgrade it into this. This layout makes more money than “base 2”, but costs more as well. It is more versatile and all purpose and can get many different kinds of awards. First you will need to delete a 3 by 3 square of crop grounds at the far upper-right (north-eastern) end of your farm. Then you can put animals in the decent sized square that you just made, or you could fill it up with trees. Then fill up the remaining empty space with either animals or trees, whichever one you haven’t placed yet. This will allow you to get a wider variety of awards than “base 2” because it has trees, animals, and croplands.


This one will require a huge amount of money to make. By this I mean around a million coins, but this you will get money from the trees/animals so the actual amount of needed coins would be less. You will need to place your best tree or animal on every single empty spot. If you want to still be able to level up after this then leave a little bit of space in the lower-left (south-west) corner so that you can place and delete hay bales for experience. If you leave enough space you will be able to place about 100 hay bales at a time, 500 experience points at a time. This will become a generator of money that you will use to “buy” experience and will also get you the tree/animal collecting awards in a heartbeat.

Now that you have read this you know what your farm should look like.


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