Fashion Rehab Offers Many Benefits

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Make Your Old Threads Come to Life in A Unique Way

Save old duds

Before you throw away or donate your old, outdated or otherwise unsavory clothes, visualize changes that could place these duds on the "do" list. I recently felt a pang of regret, having donated more than one lawn and leaf bag of old clothes, without considering the Cinderella potential some of these items had! It is amazing how easy it is to alter clothes and make duds of the past come to contemporary life with a few simple tricks of artistry. My glue gun is my new pal. I recently worked on a $4.99 velvet coat I purchased at Goodwill Industries and turned it into a pirate coat in less than one hour using gold finishing notions I bought at Walmart for under $3.00.

Got Notions Will Travel

If you have spare buttons, beads, old jewelry or other accessories you want to get rid of, please reconsider! These can be very useful to vamp up an old garment. If you have clothers lying around with any attached accessories on them already, you can use those to enhance your new creation. The more often you can acquire free items or used ones from other garments you have worn in the past, the better. My philosophy is that clothes are way too expensive when purchased new, especially big name brands. With the right finesse, people may ask you where you got your new dress and you can fill them in on how you came by your one of a kind look. That is the beauty of fashion rehab. You will have unique looks that no one else has. Have you ever gone to a party only to have someone or perhaps even more than one somebody wearing the same outfit as you? Well, I have. It is nothing short of embarrassing and a little mortifying to say the least. That simply won't happen if you take an old, tired look and embellish it with your own personal touch.

Budget Freedom With Creativity

Typically when one goes shopping for new items in a store, there is a budget they must adhere to. There have been countless times when I could not acquire my dream garment, due to the fact that I could not afford it. There is defeat and great disappointment that comes with situations like this. It makes some people sad and some a little angry, because they feel they should be able to buy nice things for themselves. Start right now by going anywhere that sells used clothes. There is nothing wrong with it. My best pieces are the ones I acquired dirt cheap. Often times, retro pieces are still offered reasonably priced. Avoid shopping for your treasures where the person or organization is obviously charging more so they can make a big profit. I stick to an occasional yard sale, Goodwill, and Salvation Army. I don't feel guilty about shopping there, as I have donated tons of my things to them over the years.

Wear It With Pride

I feel great satisfaction when I complete a forgot about look from years past. Sometimes it is even hard to recognize it as being the same piece of clothing. I guess, technically, it really isn't. It is a new version of what used to be and even better, because I nutured it and applied my own unique twist. You won't find that in department stores for the general population to shop in. Best of all, I can shop for whatever items needed to rehab my clothes for next to nothing. Try it for yourself sometime and let the fashionista in you walk the runway of humanity with pride.


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Love this soo much!! defoo what i'm gonna do xx

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